Clarification: Open Joke Competition

Following our invitation to send in jokes for our inaugural Open Joke Competition we have received some criticism from readers who feel it is wrong for us to make Faisal Gazi’s family members the butt of our jokes.

We take these criticism very seriously, but following an executive meeting, decided to continue with the post (results coming shortly!) for the following reasons:

1) Mr Gazi himself has publically declared:

Take him at his word!

This of course was during the Danish cartoons fiasco which greatly offended many Muslims

2) He also supported the offending of family members of the blessed family of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

“In the last third of the book in, Malik delves into the restrictions of free speech in the post-Rushdie world. As Hanif Qureishi puts it, “Nobody would have the balls today to write The Satanic Verses, let alone publish it. Writing now is timid because writers are terrified”. He is probably right when you consider the Muhammad cartoons scandal and Random House’s decision to retract the publication of Sherry Jones’ novel The Jewel of Medina, based on a message thread on an online discussion forum.

These are just two instances of how the grievance culture of radical Islam is winning the battle against Enlightenment values, helped along, Malik believes, by multicultural policy and laws like the Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006), which has made it an offence to incite hatred against a person on grounds of their religion. Its aim was to protect the faith and dignity of minority communities. But the paradox is that these laws are now exploited to undermine the civil liberties of those very same communities they were meant to protect. The censorship that the anti-Rushdie protestors demanded is the same censorship of offensive thought that imprisoned the cartoon protestors”.

Britain since the Fatwa

3) ‘But we never insult people’s family members’

That is the claim by the munafiq Faisal Gazi whenever his sites attacks on Muslims are challenged.Is it true? Well like much of what he says the answer is negative

See for example this comment , that was allowed to stand against a ‘heretical’ poster who
criticised Spittoon:

‘Your mother sucks Mirpuri taxi-driver cock for a living, Jamaati boy.’

4) Also Mr Gazi has in recent times come to the welcome conclusion that the killing of his khawarij relative was the right thing to do

So in conclusion when faced with a Gazi we shouldnt be Cowards. Or at least we should be Noel Coward who responded to fellow appeasers of the Nazis of their age thusly:

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2 Responses to Clarification: Open Joke Competition

  1. Spittoon insider says:

    Ahh come off it. Gazi doesnt give a shit about his dead relative. How could he when he never even knew him and it was 40 years ago? He’s always cracking jokes about him in the office, so go ahead be as offensive as you like. He just uses the story as an alibi to justify hating and supporting the persecution of Muslims.


  2. A Psychiatrist says:

    As a trained psychiatrist I fully support what you are doing. In my forty years of experience I have never seen a case of grievance like Mr Gazi’s.As you say this even happened decades ago and he was not even aware of it. I would even go as far as to say that your joke competition is the right therapy for him.


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