We aren’t Robert Spencer…honest!

In the wake of the brilliant Spinwatch expose Spitton has been defending itself:

apparently we’re all robert spencer now, according to the weasels at “spinwatch”

“perhaps we should not be surprised that dr miller can’t tell the difference between islamists and liberals; it seems to be a bit of a theme on the left these days”.

Fair enough perhaps we should take people at their (lower case) words
but whats this from a recent article The Fabled Superiority of Islam:

This is because the arguments put forth by non-Muslims and ex-Muslims about the problems with Islam often cannot be countered with facts and data. Numerous examples of this tactic can be found on such websites as http://www.islam-watch.org and http://www.jihadwatch.org

The extremist site being promoted www.jihadwatch.org being run by none other than yep you’ve guessed it Robert Spencer

If the cap fits… Seems like Spittoon have been caught bang to rights

Then again we tend to think that the Beret wearing Faisal Gazi and his clownish gang are less like Robert and more like Frank Spencer

Ooh Betty!!

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3 Responses to We aren’t Robert Spencer…honest!

  1. You’re not Spencer, but I am, and I resent your continuing equation of my views with bigotry and hatred. This is a constant Goebbels-like drumbeat from the allies and enablers of Islamic jihad and supremacism, but it is in fact not hatred or bigotry to defend the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and equality of rights of all people before the law. You can keep repeating your Big Lie, and I am sure you will, but repetition will not make it true. Up for a civil and substantive discussion of our differences? Contact me at director@jihadwatch.org. Want to just keep smearing? Don’t bother writing me in that case.



  2. Abu Jahl says:

    Mr Spencer

    Any objective and non-confrontational reading of this would suggest that
    you are willing to see the abuses of Christianity and Islam, but are
    only prepared to blame one of them – and that is Islam. This gives your
    game away and proves that you simply have an (hidden) agenda and an axe
    to grind.

    For example you forgotten to include in your sweeping surmise that the
    USA (a Christian Democracy) has been involved in 42 wars and conflicts
    in the last 40 years. This is a record of violence unbeaten by any
    country, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever takes your

    It may be that you do not wish to include the USA in your statistics
    because you are not willing to bite the hand that feeds. I can only
    congratulate you then on your caution.

    Faisal Gazi


  3. Sam says:

    Mr. Spencer,

    When are you going to take full ownership and possession of your bastard political child Anders Brievek? He acted based on your teachings, cites your writings, and claims you “inspired” him.
    Anwar Awlaki was killed by a drone for inciting others to murder, why should you be treated any differently in the court of law?


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