Muslim haters distance themselves from Breivik

As Anders Behring Breivik, the anti-immigrant extremist who has admitted to killing 77 people in a rampage in Norway last summer, appears in court Muslim haters have been seeking to distance themselves from his actions:

Islamophobes distance themselves from Breivik:

All of them have sought to distance themselves both from Breivik and Friday’s terrorist acts since his identity first became known Saturday, and have furiously protested suggestions in the media that they bore any responsibility for what took place in Norway Friday.

Geller, who co-authored a book with Spencer last year that accused President Barack Obama of waging “war on America” (and for which the former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, wrote the foreword), called a front-page New York Times article that noted the couple’s frequent citations by Breivik “outrageous”.

“It’s like equating Charles Manson, who heard in the lyrics of [Beatles song] Helter Skelter a calling for the Manson murders,” she wrote on her blog. “It’s like blaming the Beatles. It’s patently ridiculous.”

Citing the same Beatles-Charles Manson analogy, Spencer also expressed outrage on his blog both at Breivik’s alleged acts and the suggestion that he may have been responsible in some way for them.

Although he was only mentioned once in the manifesto, David Horowitz, whose David Horowitz Freedom Center, according to Politico, provided some US $920,000 to Jihad Watch in the latter part of the last decade, also defended Spencer on the far-right FrontPage website.

Most of that money was donated by the Fairbrook Foundation, which is run by Aubry and Joyce Chernick and which has funded other Islamophobic groups, including Pipes’ MEF, Gaffney’s CSP, and Aish Hatorah, as well as the far-right Zionist Organisation of America (ZOA), according to 2009 tax records. Indeed, many of the same funders – many of them right-wing Jews – have provided support to such Islamophobic organisations in recent years.

Spittoon’s reaction

So what was the reaction of the Muslim haters at Spittoon?

This timeline is highly revealing:

22 July 2011 Breivik commits massacre
22 July -25 July 2011 Spittoon articles on Breivik: 0
25 July 2011 SW publishes this article on Spittoon’s lack of response:Spittoon’s San Ander-as fault
26 July -19 August 2011 Spittoon only then publishes 7 (count em) articles on Breivik:
26 July 2011 Anders Breivik and Christianist Nationalism
26 July 2011 A Call for Sanity In light of events in Norway
26 July 2011 Anders Behring Breivik’s political platform
27 July 2011 SIAN Blames “Politically Correct Norway” for Breivik’s Murders
31 July 2011 “It will be great to see them executed or tortured to death”
5 Aug 2011 Romancing Eurabia
19 Aug 2011 Two rights don’t make a right

As Spittoon insider commented : “They should change the name of the site from Spittoon to Spittoon Watch Watch!

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