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“If you hate Beggardesh so much, move to a civilized country”

Wise words from one of Beggardesh’s microscopic educated elite: Faisal Gazi, 39, Bangladeshi. IT specialist. Lives in Woodford, Essex. Married. Arrived in the UK: 1999 “I was born in Bangladesh and first came to the UK in 1972. My childhood … Continue reading

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A most unusual Hamza Yusuf fan…

Faisal Gazi has gone to town on an article quoting Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. “‘If you hate the west, emigrate to a Muslim country’ . With the journalistic and research brilliance we have come to expect from Mr Gazi, who of … Continue reading

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Who’s your daddy?

Captions please and remember ALL MAY SPEAK THEIR MINDS

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By their fruits….

Spittoon goes bananas with Forbidden Fruit Fatwa The Ridiculous Islamic Fatwa ™ industry is the gift that keeps on giving. Here is the latest: “Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance” Except that there is no … Continue reading

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I-ran from Islam

It’s Caption Competition time and what with all the topical news from Persia we’ve picked that as the subject. The lovely model below is Hassan Radwan, well known ex-Muslim and inspiration for many of Spittoon’s recent posts attacking Islam, courtesy … Continue reading

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What was that again…..

All may speak their minds?: How about this: “By taking on issues related to politics and religious identity, the Spittoon takes a strong line against politicised religious extremism and restrictions on free speech in our society today” Which makes the … Continue reading

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