I-ran from Islam

It’s Caption Competition time and what with all the topical news from Persia we’ve picked that as the subject. The lovely model below is Hassan Radwan, well known ex-Muslim and inspiration for many of Spittoon’s recent posts attacking Islam, courtesy of the facebook group Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB)

Captions please….

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7 Responses to I-ran from Islam

  1. Abu Fasiq says:

    Big issueeeewww!!!


  2. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    What is it about kufr that makes a person’s face become so dark and evil…just look a Gazi’s ugly mug …and you ain’ t seen mine!!


  3. AR Anwari says:

    as salaam alaykum I’ve debated online with Hassan and he is actually a decent guy. He is honest enough to publically apostate rather than the munafiq Gazi who hides behind “being a Muslim” to attack Islam. Also Hassan doesn’t hate Muslims while Gazi does.


  4. Kodanshi says:

    “New iPhone 5 available from Kaffir Warehouse.”


  5. abooali says:

    “Who put a small sign on my head?”


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