What was that again…..

All may speak their minds?:

Do as I say...

How about this:

“By taking on issues related to politics and religious identity, the Spittoon takes a strong line against politicised religious extremism and restrictions on free speech in our society today”

Which makes the latest Spittoon post an example of rank total hypocrisy:

Press TV is mere propaganda for Iran. It must close

There is an arm – albeit unofficial – of the Islamic republic at work here that could be punished to show British disapproval: Press TV’s London operation should be shut down.

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One Response to What was that again…..

  1. Whoreiya Barehead says:

    The REAL reason the fasiqa Houriya wants it banned is here in the third paragraph:

    “Muslim and non-Muslim female presenters are required to wear the Islamic headscarf in front of the camera while broadcasting from London”.


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