A most unusual Hamza Yusuf fan…

Faisal Gazi has gone to town on an article quoting Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. “‘If you hate the west, emigrate to a Muslim country’ . With the journalistic and research brilliance we have come to expect from Mr Gazi, who of course unsuprisingly, no longer writes for serious blogs like Pickled Politics or the Guardian, the article is …10 years old!!!. As an astonished Tony comments “did you only just discover this?”.

The articles appearance on Spittoon is bizarre for other reasons too:
1) The title was referring to a group of extremist Muslims not to the entire Muslim population of the west, who Sheikh Hamza consistently defends, unlike Spittoon which believes “conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board”. Indeed this is made clear in the original article in a section which Mr Gazi dishonestly edits out of Spittoon’s report:

His hard-line attitude to extremists in Britain would be unsayable for any mainstream politician keen to retain any respectability. “I would say to them that if they are going to rant and rave about the west, they should emigrate to a Muslim country. The good will of these countries to immigrants must be recognised by Muslims.”

2) In the article Sheikh Hamza comments:

“We Muslims have lost theologically sound understanding of our teaching,” he says. “We are living through a reformation, but without any theologians to guide us through it. Islam has been hijacked by a discourse of anger and the rhetoric of rage. We have lost our bearings because we have lost our theology.”

Yet this is precisely what Spittoon promotes with it’s belief, shared by Osama Bin Laden, that anyone can interpret Islamic texts rather than it being left to properly qualified Islamic scholars. Indeed the site itself has a laughable exegisis section. What is Sheikh Hamza’s opinion on ijtihad by any or everyone?
Please see The Prerequisites Of A Mujtahid

3) It then says:

He has been examining the backgrounds of the extremists. The consistent feature, he says, is that they have been educated in the sciences rather than the humanities. “So they see things in very simplistic, black-and-white terms. They don’t understand the subtleties of the human soul that you get, for example, from poetry.

A perfect description of the black and white/Muslim bad non Muslim good/Islam bad non Islam good world of Mr Gazi.who is of course ….a software engineer!!!

4) Spittoon’s support for Sheikh Hamza is also bizarre given that Spittoon promotes homosexuality as being halal about which Sheikh Hamza says:“If one considers it acceptable in Islam [to be gay], then he or she is not considered to be a Muslim by consensus of the scholars,” Yusuf said. “On this I know no debate whatsoever.”

The nouveau Hamza Yusuf fan, Mr Gazi himself when confronted with this commented (with typical complete lack of comprehension):

As for the Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, if that’s what he said I think that’s pretty irresponsible of him. By that is he saying the 16th century sufi sheikh Shah Hussain of Lahore wasn’t a muslim?

5) Faisal Gazi is a big supporter of secularism: Faisal Gazi explains why secularism is key to Islam. And Sheikh Hamza? Well he produced a talk called: Secularism: The Greatest Danger Facing Islam

6) Faisal Gazi has consistently campaigned against sharia..while Sheikh Hamza as a Muslim scholar supports and promotes it.

7) Sheikh Hamza has produced numerous talks on the beauty and miraculous nature of the Holy Quran, something that Faisal Gazi has consistently attacked and denied on Spittoon.

But of course Mr Gazi only posted the link because he erroneously thought it confirmed his own anti-Muslim feelings…

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