“If you hate Beggardesh so much, move to a civilized country”

Wise words from one of Beggardesh’s microscopic educated elite:

Faisal Gazi, 39, Bangladeshi. IT specialist. Lives in Woodford, Essex. Married. Arrived in the UK: 1999

“I was born in Bangladesh and first came to the UK in 1972. My childhood was split between both countries, and after studying engineering at Leeds University in the late 1980s, I went back to Bangladesh in 1991 to see if I could use the skills I’d gained. I got a job at Unicef, gathering data for its programmes. I also tried to set up an e-commerce website for a publishing company, but became disillusioned by the business culture, which is quite risk-averse.

In 1999, I arrived back in the UK with £40. I’ve now built a successful business as a freelance IT consultant, with clients such as Visa and Penguin. I couldn’t use the skills I’ve gained in Bangladesh.

This report surprised me; it must be inaccurate. I thought attitudes had improved. I must be contributing something to this country as I know how much I’m paying in taxes. I also know a lot of highly skilled migrant executives who must be adding to the greater good.

Migration doesn’t just involve economic benefits. If travel broadens the mind of the traveller, it also benefits the host country. Thanks to migration, Britain is an even greater country, a much more appealing, broader-minded place.

For migrant workers who want to give something back, England is still one of the best places to live. I have a lot of Bangladeshi friends who went to the States in the 1990s and now want to come here.”

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One Response to “If you hate Beggardesh so much, move to a civilized country”

  1. Nina Ahmed says:

    The fuck is this? I remain aloof of any meaning of this post.
    Bangladesh is a work in progress, and admittedly it may take until the next Ice Age.
    But hey, it is on it’s way. You have got to give the damn people credit, for pulling through the blood thirsty politics and the heart aching poverty. It’s citizens contribute to institutes like Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford. And some of us intend on contributing back to “Beggardesh” when were done with our education. Some of us are strong enough to stick it out.
    I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just letting y’all know.

    With boundless hope,
    Nina. 19. Bangladesh

    It’s not a sinking ship yet!


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