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Gazi’s coming home!

This brilliant satire of Faisal Gazi’s manic obsession with the 40 year old, 1971 East Pakistan War, (which ended when he was 2!) was sent to us by “disillusioned Spitoon insider”. Take care “A” and keep yourself safe…. To the … Continue reading

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The Narcissism of Victimhood

An excellent article by Khaled Ahmed from a West Pakistani paper in defence of the truth speaking heretic Sarmila Bose. The title perfectly sums up Faisal Gazi and his Awami League clique’s 1971 war whore obsession: The narcissism of victimhood … Continue reading

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Weirdy Beardy

Is in town, in black and white. Captions please….

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Faisal Gazi vs Freedom of Speech

Where does Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi stand on the issue of freedom of speech? Well publically he is militantly for it: and it’s not just at demos that he flouts his love for free speech; he has done so in numerous … Continue reading

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