Faisal Gazi vs Freedom of Speech

Where does Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi stand on the issue of freedom of speech?
Well publically he is militantly for it:

and it’s not just at demos that he flouts his love for free speech; he has done so in numerous articles:

“If Malik’s book advocates anything, it is a social order based on universalist Enlightenment values, the importance of free speech and for the elevation of secular and progressive ideas within minority, particularly Muslim, communities”.

Britain since the Fatwa

Indeed “in defence of freedom of speech” is one of the reasons he claims to write: In the ‘Why I Write’ section of Gazi’s FULL FAT MOCHA blog (see below) he stated:

“I write on a range of issues related to politics, secularism and religious identity. I take a strong line against religious fundamentalism, political Islam, Multiculturalism and restrictions on free speech“.

He publically claims to believe in free speech and in Live and Let live

“In particular, the Enlightenment ideals of individual liberty and freedom, taken for granted in Western societies, are seen as anathema to Muslim societies which elevates the concept of community or Jama’ah to paramount importance. Absolute freedom of the individual is secondary to public interest and the concerns of the religious community in Muslim-majority societies”.

And in the about section of the Spittoon we read the following:

“By taking on issues related to politics and religious identity, the Spittoon takes a strong line against politicised religious extremism and restrictions on free speech in our society today”

Do as I say….

So how does this purported militant public support for free expression tally with his actual actions? …Answer: not at all

Mr Gazi on the blogs he runs has a long record of deleting comments he doesn’t like and supporting and calling for bans of Muslims whose speech he doesn’t approve of.

This goes back to his pickled politics days where, without a trace of irony, on a thread calling for free speech for his hero Geert Wilders, Mr Gazi (writing as Sid) deletes comments he doesn’t agree with!!!

“Sid’s post is superb.”

Is this the same Sid who deletes post he doesn’t like?

blah comments:
“And if you are so pro-free speech why do you delete comments you dont like?”

Sid(Faisal) responds showing where he really draws the line of free speech:

“Because they were replete with antisemitic bigotry. You should know, you posted them.

And *you* don’t have an agenda?”

to which blah brilliantly responds:

“Then why do you support Wilders right to free speech?
Mmm so you support Wilders anti-Muslim bigotry but want to censor what you claim is “anti-semitic” bigotry

No double standards there”

The answer “blah” is of course Faisal Gazi supports free speech when it is used to attack and demonize Islam and Muslims; if Muslims respond or it is used against fellow non-Muslims he opposes it.

Sid (Faisal) responds:

“Specifically? Well he’s not actually being racist on a cheap, superficial level whereas you have been, repeatedly. That’s the kind of content which is going to be deleted without question.”

Unless of course it is racism against Arabs– in which case Mr Gazi will print it and promote it!!!

Enter Spittoon

Well perhaps that was because PP was controlled by Sunny Hundal and so Mr Gazi wasn’t able to display his full love for free speech on that site. Except when Gazi started his own site the Spittoon…..

He has frequently called for and or supported bans on Muslim (and only Muslim) free speech: Bangladesh court bans religion in politics “Legislation to separate religion from politics has been passed in Bangladesh. And not a moment too soon.”

Press TV is mere propaganda for Iran. It must close:
“There is an arm – albeit unofficial – of the Islamic republic at work here that could be punished to show British disapproval: Press TV’s London operation should be shut down“.

However with typical hypocrisy when it comes to a Muslim and an Arab deemed a hate preacher , Mr Gazi demands his ban, in true tabloid syle: Raed Salah: Kick This Racist Scum Out Now”

Not to mention others, solely Muslims of course, that Spittoon has demanded be banned.

While of course opposing bans on racist Muslim haters…..
Love/Hate Preachers

and of course it deletes comments from posters it doesnt like. “Spittoon styles itself on its commitment to free speech. Its tagline after all is “Heresy is another word for freedom of thought”

However this of course is false; they do not accept any opinions that are heretical to their own. If a person posts such comments they simply wont be published. Even worse is the Spittoon policy of interpolating comments into posts by “heretical” posters who dare to disagree with them or who they disaprove of.”
Spittoon’s hypocritical and immoral comments policy

and when the Powerbase produced its excellent expose of the Spittoon, how did the Free Speechers respond?:

‘It has also exposed The Spittoon, a McCarthyite operation run by members of Centre for Social Cohesion in collaboration, for a while at least, with members of the government funded Quilliam Foundation.[25] This expose was not well-received by the interests behind The Spittoon. The website first tried to intimidate the Powerbase researcher who had made the discovery with threatening emails, followed by a smear campaign, which was coordinated with an allied attack blog, Harry’s Place.[26] Shortly afterwards a similar smear campaign was also directed against the founder of Powerbase. Several neoconservative operators have also tried to use legal threats to shut Powerbase down. In June 2010, Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens of the Centre for Social Cohesion, a frequent contributor to The Spittoon, successfully pressured Powerbase’s British domain name registrar to temporarily shut down the website.[27]‘
Powerbase: A collaborative resource for monitoring power networks

Spittoon Watch falls victim

Now we at SW have been the latest victim of Mr Gazi’s censorious nature. When we posted a caption competition featuring a picture of his daughter, how did Mr Gazi respond?

Well of course, as he publically states, he’s a free speech champ who believes All should speak their minds, so he enthusiastically support it right?

Er no…he reported it to our site host meaning the site was suspended for a few days (keeping honoured company with the Powerbase as a site temporarily silenced thanks to Spittoon):


We’ve received a harassment-related complaint regarding the image published on your WordPress.com site here:


WordPress.com is not the place for this sort of intent or activity; as such, if you’d like to continue blogging here, please remove the image.

Thank you.”

Real belief about freedom of speech..

So again how can anyone take this guy seriously as an advocate of free speech?!?

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8 Responses to Faisal Gazi vs Freedom of Speech

  1. qidniz says:

    brilliant post!


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  8. Faisal Banni says:

    ”Islamists don’t do freedom of speech too well”.
    🙂 🙂 🙂


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