“Why claim to be a Muslim ?”

Some rare speaking truth to power on Spittoon with a post by Sameer asking THE key question to Faisal Gazi:

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>They have consistently attacked and smeared specific Muslims (such as Ed Husain, >Shiraz Maher and others)

What I don’t understand is why the farce? Why claim to be a Muslim if you can’t stand the tenents of the faith and find them deplorable? At least have the courage of conviction to be like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and leave Islam rather than trying to pass off your secular ideals as something from the faith would be a good place to start

The reason Sameer is that Faisal Gazi is a munafiq. That is someone who pretends outwardly to be a Muslim, usually for some worldly gain, while inwardly not believing in the tenets of the faith.

Akhi, Where is your Daleel?

The above is of course a serious charge, so what on earth is our proof for it?

Well we refer to the definition of the blessed Prophet Muhammed (Allah bless him and give him peace), who of course has been insulted on Spittoon regularly, who said:

“Four are the qualities which, when found in a person, make him a sheer hypocrite, and one who possesses one of them, possesses one characteristic of hypocrisy until he abandons it. These are:”

1)When he is entrusted with something, he betrays trust;

Running a website is a real trust; in doing so you have access to people’s personal details including their IP address.
Spittoon seems to be aware of this since it makes the point of stating to posters:

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So who would betray this? Step forward Mr Gazi, who publishes the IP address of a heretical poster Siraj

“And your IP address is: Don’t mean to rush you Siraj, but your mates over at Pickled Politics want you back”

2) when he speaks, he lies;

We have already outlined Mr Gazi’s numerous falsehoods

The Lies and Contradictions of Faisal Gazi part 1

A more recent post on this

Zionist Lies on Free Speech

The second article is titled “Faisal Gazi on Free Expression”. Here the poster uses the name of Alan A, again he apparently doesn’t want people to know who he really is. Alan A posts the video of a speech given by Faisal Gazi of Spittoon on the very subject of Free Speech. Now on this occasion, the comments on Harry’s Place rapturously applaud Faisal Gazi whom they call “our comrade” , “a British Hero” and say that his words are a rallying call. Faisal Gazi (read about him here on Spitton Watch blog) is linked to The Quilliam Foundation and the Centre for Social Cohesion. Both organisations claim to be run by experts on exposing and fighting Islamic extremism. The Centre for Social Cohesion and The Henry Jackson Society, with whom they recently joined forces, had their anti-Muslim agenda exposed in the report “The Cold War on British Muslims” by Spinwatch. Evidently we now have Muslim Zionists or “self haters”.

3) when he promises, he acts treacherously;

See point number 1 above

4) and when he argues, he behaves in a very imprudent, insulting manner.”

And this is perhaps the defining characteristic of Faisal Gazi. Whenever he gets into a disagreement with a Muslim he will start abusing them insulting them and (usually falsely) accusing them (usually of supporting the genocide of Bengalis in 1971)

Suprise suprise that Mr “All May Speak their Minds” Gazi says THIS about anyone calling him what he is:

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Oh and by the way: anyone who uses the word “munafiq” against anyone will be immediately banned from commenting here.

Gee …wonder why 😉

"Don't speak the truth about me..I'll ban you!!"

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One Response to “Why claim to be a Muslim ?”

  1. laura stuart says:

    Surely the reason is money – some who prefer to call themselves Muslim whilst working full time to the detriment of Islam and Muslims must be getting paid by the government for their wonderful insight into “the problem with Muslims/Islam”.


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