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“Faisal Gazi: anti-racism activist”

Yes we chuckled too when we read it, but here it is. Apparently in the world of the neo-cons a vicious anti-Arab racist can be an “anti-racism activist”. This got us thinking, so we’ve decided to create a competition: “Faisal … Continue reading

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Faisal’s missing link…..

It’s time for our Easter caption competition and, in the season of rebirths,this week we feature Dr Usama Hasan, reformed Jihadi Islamist now much beloved by the Islam and Muslim haters at Spittoon. What’s he saying to Prof. Stephen Hawking? … Continue reading

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The Non Heresy of Faisal Gazi

As we know the tagline of the Spittoon is “Heresy is another word for freedom of thought”. However Faisal Gazi is a completely “non-heretic” figure his views, as the table below illustrates, exactly echo those of the Neo-Con/ New World … Continue reading

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