Faisal’s missing link…..

It’s time for our Easter caption competition and, in the season of rebirths,this week we feature Dr Usama Hasan, reformed Jihadi Islamist now much beloved by the Islam and Muslim haters at Spittoon. What’s he saying to Prof. Stephen Hawking?

Following your pathetic response to the last CC here’s a chance to redeem yourselves Spittoon Watchers!

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5 Responses to Faisal’s missing link…..

  1. Bumhold says:

    “On the left is what happens to your brain when you read Pickled Politics/Liberal Conspiracy and on the right is what happens to your brain when you read the Spittoon”


  2. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    “I’ve gone from “Recapturing Islam from the Pacifists” to “Recapturing Saliva from the Paralysed!”


  3. qidniz says:

    “Dr Usama when did you finally accept that evolution is true?”
    “Well I never believed that humans could ever be descended from apes.Then I met Faisal Gazi”


  4. Expat Bengali Nationalist,Tower Hamlets says:

    Prof.Hawking: “Amar Shonar Bangla Ami Tomai Bhalobashi​”
    Usama: “OMG Prof Hawking’s is having a stroke!!! He’s talking utter gibberish! Help! Ambulance!”


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