“Faisal Gazi: anti-racism activist”

Yes we chuckled too when we read it, but here it is.

Apparently in the world of the neo-cons a vicious anti-Arab racist can be an “anti-racism activist”. This got us thinking, so we’ve decided to create a competition:

“Faisal Gazi anti-racism activist” – Can you think of a phrase that is more ludicrous?

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12 Responses to “Faisal Gazi: anti-racism activist”

  1. laura stuart says:

    Interesting list of co signatories – “by your friends you will be known” as they say!


  2. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Faisal Gazi: Muslim


  3. qidniz says:

    Abu Faris, teetotaller


  4. Bigland Boy says:

    banana brain: CAPS LOCK WARRIOR!!!


  5. Expat Bengali nationalist, Tower Hamlets says:

    From the link “We stand together with our neighbours, united against all hate. Anti-Muslim bigotry and homophobia have no place in our communities”.

    Signed by Faisal Gazi one of the biggest anti-Muslim bigots in the UK!!!!


  6. Whoreya Barehead says:

    Houriya Ahmed: Modest Muslim woman!!


  7. David Pube says:

    David Toube: friend of the Muslim community


  8. Kisass says:

    Joseph Fritzl: family man


  9. Faisal Gazi's wife says:

    Faisal Gazi: good husband and great lover


  10. Faisal Wanabe Breivik says:

    Faisal Gazi; moderate and representative Muslim


  11. Faisal's deleted daughter pic says:

    Faisal Gazi; Free Speech Warrior


  12. Naeem Al Mohaiemen says:

    Faisal Gazi: father of my daughter


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