“Leave me alone, I’m a family man”

So sang 80s duo Hall and Oates

No doubt Faisal Gazi will say the same about our latest caption competition, perhaps he will hypocritically try and ban it as he did last time but remember: Free Speech will dominate the world: All may speak their minds:

Faisal Gazi

Captions Please

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19 Responses to “Leave me alone, I’m a family man”

  1. Babu Wanabe Bengali says:

    Good for you Sis!

    Gazi’s a cunt who is happy to publish slander against Muslims,private pictures of THEIR families, their facebook posts,marriage adverts, IP adresses etc. He publically claims to support free speech!

    He deserves a taste of hs own medicine


  2. Naeem Al Mohaimen says:

    What the hell is that tramp doing touching my kids!


  3. Leaser Gazi says:

    Naeem this is a public forum!!!! I havent told Faisal yet that the kids are yours!!!!! As long as he keeps financing us why would i 😉


  4. Whoreiya Barehead says:

    Typical misogynist patriachal Gazi!!! He make his wife and daughter wear ethnic clothes while dressing himself and his son in western clothes!!!


  5. banana brain says:


    i decided to break shabbot to comment on this photo here on the interweb

    i use this picture to help me remember my daily shema:

    “Thank you g-d for not making me (from left to right) : a gentile, a slave or a woman!”


  6. Babu Wanabe Bangali says:

    What’s with Lay-sir’s Teep?
    She should make a new comedy show with Gazi: “Dork and Bindi!”


  7. qidniz says:

    Bint Mohaimen: “Daddy what’s a munafiq cuckold”

    Gazi: “Daughter don’t EVER use those words again!!!”

    Bint Mohaimen:” But all the children in my school do – they say “your father’s a munafiq cuckold!”

    Lease-her: (thinks to herself): “Little girl…he’s not your father ;)”


  8. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Is this photo a still from ELM’s “Spot the fag” competition?


  9. “Ladies and Gentleman now we come to the final lot in our slave auction. It is a very poor selection owing to the male head of the family being a genetic freak…OK so I’ll start the bidding at 1 Taka….(silence)…any takers?…..any one?”


  10. David Pube says:

    “Will the defendant please rise”


  11. qidniz says:

    “Will the defendant please rise”

    David he’s already standing up! Yes I know it is amazing to think someone can be that short!!!


  12. Leaseher Gazi says:

    “Will the defendant please rise”

    No he can’t …which is why I’ve taken so many other lovers! 😉


  13. David Pube says:

    LOL to the comments above.

    This is a song from my favourite artist Morrisey which always reminds me of Sid (Faisal)


  14. Babu Wanabe Bengali says:

    Gazi: ” Hick! I am a modern man! I will let my daughter do what she wants and marry who she wants!”

    Bint Mohaimen: ” When I grow up I want to go to madrasah and become an Alima and marrying a pious non-Bengali Muslim man”

    Gazi: ” NEVER!!! Here are some vouchers for lap dancing school and when you’re 16 well take you back to Bangladesh and force you to marry a Bengali Hindu Jomidar of our choosing!”


  15. Mujib divisive says:

    Me and the lads are gonna enjoin having fun with those two pretty ladies


  16. qidniz says:

    ”Leave me alone I’m a family man”. Totally inappropriate title choice Spittoon Watch. This song is about a married man who keeps getting aproached by women for affairs. As we know with the Gazi’s its the other way round 😉


  17. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    The song in the title is about a married man who is being chased by a woman to have an affair- the exact opposite of what happens in the Gazi’s marriage!


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