Happy Fourth of July!

Americans all over the world are celebrating their Independence Day

However Spittoon boss Faisal Gazi isn’t joining in on the celebrations:

‘For example you forgotten to include in your sweeping surmise that the
USA (a Christian Democracy) has been involved in 42 wars and conflicts
in the last 40 years. This is a record of violence unbeaten by any
country, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever takes your

It may be that you do not wish to include the USA in your statistics
because you are not willing to bite the hand that feeds. I can only
congratulate you then on your caution.

Faisal Gazi


What on earth could be the cause of such extreme anti-American hatred?

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One Response to Happy Fourth of July!

  1. qidniz says:

    This is from later on in the eShomabesh thread:


    Forgive me, you will have to be a little less cryptic, and a little more
    precise for me to understand what you are talking about!”

    Jesus this guy is a TOTAL imbecile!


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