The Elephant Man

Well he was known as Khartoumi . Like us you have probably spent many long nights wondering just what Spittoon’s Abu Faris looks like.

Well now we know… and much like Faisaland Houriya it isn’t pretty. We mean REALLY isn’t pretty. After you’ve had a stiff (non-alcoholic) drink, give us your captions:

Here he is attacking the democratically elected leader of Egypt Mohammed Morsi under
his real name Ben Jefferies:

(H/T Laura)

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11 Responses to The Elephant Man

  1. Abu Wanabee Arab says:

    Oh.My.God. I AM GOING TO VOMIT!!!!!!

    What an ugly cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Man in the Iron Stocks says:

    Here are some choice anti-semitic comments from Abu Faris on the MPAC forums:

    Now, let’s be fair: we might also raise a few eyebrows at a Jewish G-d who on a number of occasions called for genocide against whole other peoples (Amalek, for example); or a Law that includes injunctions to stone adulterers to death and is fairly wrathful about those who would dare to mix wool with other fibres…

    But that is not the point is it? The point is to find something with which to bash Muslims and Islam – despite the fact that fairly uncomfortable passages may be cherry-picked from all the other world religions’ scriptures too.…160#post562160

    First off, it’s not Jews per se who are concerned with any linkage between Islam and neo-Nazi Holocaust denial; it is a particular sub-set of especially militant revisionist Zionists who are promoting, along with this false equation, a mythical “clash of civilisations” thesis concerning Islam and the West.

    This pseudo-thesis pretexts Israel’s role in the Western Asian region, thusly, as a “bastion” or “vanguard” of Western values in a region of purported Islamic savagery, populated by teeming hordes, allegedly ready at the drop of a turban to be astride their war camels, a-waving their fiercesome scimitars, and heading for Vienna and all points west to conquer the world…

    Israel’s do-or-die supporters thereby promote Israel as the “first line of defence” in this entirely imaginary and entirely self-serving “clash of civilisations”. It is the interests, these extremist Zionists believe, to therefore everywhere pain Islam in the darkest, least attractive manner and everywhere associate it with reaction and barbarism.…876#post561876

    It is about time that the Waqf Committee for al-Aqsa started to take a more proactive attitude to the continued attempts to (at times literally) undermine the endowed lands under its juristiction. For too long the Waqf Committee has been obsequious in its atttitudes to the Israeli authorities and has towed the Jordanian government’s line at all times.…643#post564643


  3. laura says:

    Never – Never – Never switch the web cam on after having too much “falling down potion” just in case you reveal something to the world which might be mistaken for an unshaven, unkempt and apparently naked blogger instead of a respectable head teacher.


  4. qidniz says:

    Apparently this is the picture that finally sent Anders Behring Breivik over the edge


  5. Bigland Boy says:

    He looks like the result of a gypsys curse.!


  6. Murtad Nawaz says:

    Looks like his face was lit on fire with a cigarette lighter. No wonder ugly, nasty, and intellectually bankrupt people like this need avatars online to cloak themselves in.


  7. Laura says:

    Is this really the same Ben Jeffries? ex Provider of a “British Style” education in Sudan? Lorks!


  8. Thanks Laura! Brilliant picture which we’ll definitely use. Cheers!!


  9. Latif says:

    Yes Laura, it is one and the same. I had the pleasure????, not sure that is quite right, of working with the man in Khartoum. He has an extremely chequered past. I found him to be completely unhinged, and it was only the protection offered by his idol, one Dr Marina Hitchens, that allowed him to remain as a teacher there. I remember him going nose to nose with a colleague, in front of the whole school and the delightful????, not sure that is quite right, Dr. Marina. I had a quiet word with Dr. Marina about his totally unprofessional out burst, but nothing was said or done about it. The man is a total fruitcake.


    • Voice of Reason says:

      Just so Latif. I too had the misfortune to work with Dr Marina and Ben Jefferies at UHS. Well I certainly worked while Ben went off for cigarette breaks and “meetings” in Marina’s house.
      In all fairness he is an excellent teacher when he applies himself and the children he taught liked him and learnt from him. However, his overall impact on the school was enormously negative and set the school back years. So many teachers left because of the bullying and the double standards set by the administration (including Ben in his role as co-ordinator) that the pupils suffered.
      Nevertheless, his professional conduct and manners are not really the thing that has upset people here are they (Latif and myself excepted). So why reduce yourselves to personal attacks which aren’t even put in an amusing way.


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