Faisal Gazi’s guide to Judaism

With the rise of the internet (sorry bb ‘the interweb’) the sheer amount of information available is huge. It often gets very confusing about what we should and shouldn’t believe. For example – what is someone wishing to learn about the religion of Judaism to do? Where to start looking?

Thats why for your benefit we present ‘Faisal Gazi’s guide to Judaism’ ( a modern ”Guide for the Perplexed” if you will):

1. When learning about the religion of Judaism on no account consult believing Jews. Only learn about Judaism from apostates, self-hating Jews like Israel Shahak or Israel Shamir or from fellow non-Jews who really despise it such as Julius Streicher
2. Whenever there is a conflict between Jews and non-Jews do not examine the evidence about who is right or who is wrong and then decide who to support- always support the non-Jews.
3. Minimize or ignore atrocities carried out by non-Jews on Jews .
4. Strongly emphasize atrocities carried out by Jews on non-Jews and especially fellow Jews (“see they kill each other so why shouldnt we kill them?”). See also http://www.spittoon.org/archives/9900#comment-23287
5. Promote or support insane conspiracy theories about Jews
6. Support crazy ideas that attack the Jewish religion no matter how tenous
7. Deny that Jews or Judaism have ever contributed anything worthwhile to humanity.

The Awami League religion of BengaliNazi nationalism

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