The Laughing Gnome

As Leesa looks on, something seems to have amused Fuhrer Faisal:

Faisal Gazi

Captions Please

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7 Responses to The Laughing Gnome

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    ”I’ve uploaded the film attacking the Prophet to You Tube…now watch the riots and anti-Muslim feelings I will generate…All leading to ‘conditions being made harder for Muslims in Europe’ and the eventual genocide of Western Muslims I hope”


  2. Naaem Al Mohaimen says:

    Nice view of Leesher’s ass. Remind me to give her another booty call, when her husbands out of the house next.


  3. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Hey Naaem Get in line! I’m up before you with Leesa!


  4. Kisan says:

    Abu and Naaem you forget that as a fellow Hindu I get first pop at Lease-her. You’ll gonna have to make do with slopping seconds!!!


  5. Babu Wanabe Bengali says:

    Leesa: Faisal what are you doing with my Iphone?!??

    Faisal: Ha ha ha hee hee hee I’m watching a video of our Hindu brothers raping and killing Muslims in Gujurat tee hee hee

    Leesa (laughs nervously): Ha ha ha (thinks to herself: Hai Bhaghavan! Please don’t let him flick to the next video- it’s me sucking off the Pakistani cricket team)


  6. qidniz says:

    Faecal: heheheee look mummy look at the dancing chipmunks!!

    Leesa: hehehehe, (thinks to herself: have patience Leesa-soon your British passport will come through and you can leave this retard and move in with Naeem) heee haa haa that’s so funny darling!


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