Mary(am), Mary(am), Quite Contrary

It’s time for another Caption Competition folks!

This week it’s Maryam Namazie, head of Faisal Gazi’s favourite organisation, the Council of Ex-Muslims

Captions please

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5 Responses to Mary(am), Mary(am), Quite Contrary

  1. qidniz says:

    A real MILF.
    Marxist I’d love to Foucault !


  2. ” What a hypocrite I am! Im a hard line Marxist who chooses to live in capitalist Britain instead of Cuba and North Korea. Like Muhajiroun Islamists who live here instead of Afghanistan , Iran or Somalia and especially like Bengali nationalists like Faisal Gazi who do all they can to escape Bangladesh!!’


  3. Whoreiya Barehead says:

    She’s singing: ‘I did it Marxxxx’s waaaay!”


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  5. Nobody Wanabe Bengali says:

    Majoosi Namazie 😂😂😂😂


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