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Leaving so soon?

2012. What a year it has been! But however, like all good things it must come to an end. And it’s not the only thing that is leaving…. Captions please

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Religious Freedom in AwamNazi League ‘Bangladesh’

A devastating video from ‘Bangladesh‘ on the extent of Awami League persecution of religious Muslim women. As one commentator comments’ This is Awami League at its best – this is the natural ideology of that criminal Sheikh Mujib/Devdas Chakraborti. They … Continue reading

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Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas…

But given who the chef is, this one just might.. Captions Please

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A Christmas fairy story

That’s what a new version Richard Rodgers version of Cinderella is: and thats not the only fictional story being pushed in public by people with that name. Witness Spittton’s latest post by someone with the same name on the mythical … Continue reading

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All’s Faris in Love and Work

Fortunately, for most of us, the only contact we have with the scumbags who run The Spittoon is online. However spare a thought for some poor sods who have the massive misfortune of having to live with or work with … Continue reading

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