All’s Faris in Love and Work

Fortunately, for most of us, the only contact we have with the scumbags who run The Spittoon is online. However spare a thought for some poor sods who have the massive misfortune of having to live with or work with these evil people.

One such poor person Latif posted on Spittoon Watch about his experience of working with Abu Faris:

Yes Laura, it is one and the same. I had the pleasure????, not sure that is quite right, of working with the man in Khartoum. He has an extremely chequered past. I found him to be completely unhinged, and it was only the protection offered by his idol, one Dr Marina Hitchens, that allowed him to remain as a teacher there. I remember him going nose to nose with a colleague, in front of the whole school and the delightful????, not sure that is quite right, Dr. Marina. I had a quiet word with Dr. Marina about his totally unprofessional out burst, but nothing was said or done about it. The man is a total fruitcake.

Mr Jefferies is of course not the only Spittooner to get such a thumbs down from a colleague. This is his ex-boss Sunny Hundal on Spittoon’s head Faisal Gazi:

Oh look – Faisal the smear-merchant is trolling again. Why don’t you leave the advice on what I should write about to someone else? Is your blog not interesting enough that you have to come here every day telling me what I should write about? This is getting rather tedious now/

And anyway – I’m not going to take advice from a cunt who yesterday said I was fully endorsing Cage Prisoners despite me writing the opposite. You can’t read Faisal and your advice is not wanted. Fuck off. Can you not get the message?

Or as Batman (Sunny) and Robin (Gazi) might say:

Sunny and the Joker

Sunny and the Joker

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One Response to All’s Faris in Love and Work

  1. Bigland Boy says:

    They are not the only ones who’ve suffered having a Spittooner as a colleague! As you know I am one of the main male prostitutes in the East End of London. I am so popular because I will do really depraved stuff that no one else is willing to.

    Well guess what happened? Spittoon’s Abu Wanabe Arab moved onto my patch and started giving it away free of charge !!! I lost nearly all my clients and am having to do peep shows where I suck off dogs in public.


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