Religious Freedom in AwamNazi League ‘Bangladesh’

A devastating video from ‘Bangladesh‘ on the extent of Awami League persecution of religious Muslim women. As one commentator comments’ This is Awami League at its best – this is the natural ideology of that criminal Sheikh Mujib/Devdas Chakraborti.
They have no right to live in Bangladesh’ .

Harassing Muslim Women; how far it will go?

Dec 17th 2012 the day after the Victory day of Bangladesh

Around 3 pm a police squad and detectives raided the office of a group of women students. There was no reason for the sudden raid, no suggestion as to what they were looking for. The students were confined to a room, possibly terrorized, and their only fault appears to be that they were adorned in the traditional Islamic head gear, the Hijab.

3 hours after the raid, the police described they found some Islamic books, Qur’an and 4 computers. Normal things one might expect to find in any young Muslim women’s organization.

They arrested and imprisoned 20 students and some elderly women who served as their mentors, without any definite charges.

Since the present government came into power, there have been many reports of women being detained, harassed, and expelled from their student dorms solely for wearing the Hijab or carrying religious books. Many others have been forced into having illicit sexual relations with leaders of the ruling government, refusal to comply resulting in detention, harassment, and assault after being branded as “fundamentalists” by the government (Daily Amar Desh, March 17, 2010).

The current secular government is targeting Islam in the majority-Muslim country. As part of their ceaseless effort, Muslim women adorned in Hijab are being undermined. The government is attempting to ban women wearing hijab and veiling their faces.

A tourist wearing hijab was arrested while taking photographs during the Cricket World Cup.

8 female students wearing hijab were expelled from Dhaka University while performing their prayers.

Female students wearing hijab in Eden College were detained and oppressed.

Hijab has been banned in the Department of Social Welfare at Rajshahi University and in Kustia Women’s College.

Female nurses in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University and Chittagong Nursing College are banned from wearing Hijab.

A schoolgirl in Kaliakoir was beaten nearly to death simply for wearing the Hijab.

In Pirojpur, 3 young girls wearing hijab were detained with no allegations for more than 1 month, harassed by law enforcement authorities, and interrogated. (Daily Amar Desh, February 19, 2010)

Women have had their hijabs forcefully removed and photographed. The photographs were then distributed and hung on walls for everyone to see.

This is a glimpse of how the present government is targeting Islam, Islamic ideologies and Religious leaders. This is how they are striving to create a secular state. At the expense of these women’s rights.

Not only are they stripping these women of their basic human rights and inflicting terror on them, they are violating their freedom of belief. The most recent raid into the office of the Young Muslim Women and the many incidents that have been reported prior to that is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps it was too much to think that Bangladesh’s victory 41 years ago meant freedom for all.

The true face of how AwamNazi League secularism opresses religious freedom (for Religious Muslims only of course)

No wonder this liar has decided to hide his face:


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4 Responses to Religious Freedom in AwamNazi League ‘Bangladesh’

  1. Babu Wanabe Bengali says:

    ”Since the present government came into power, there have been many reports of women being detained, harassed, and expelled from their student dorms solely for wearing the Hijab or carrying religious books”

    No wonder they were expelled for having a book. This is Beggardesh – they’ve never seen a book before !!


  2. Rashad 'the banker' Zaman Ali says:

    Awami League in Bangladesh = Alawites of Syria, both groups are bankrupt, Western colonial tools implanted and maintained to secure the interests of outsiders


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  4. Faisal Behring Breivik says:

    The funny thing is Faisal Gazi attacked China when it stopped Muslims practicising their religion, yet when the Awami League does the same he is silent like a dumb shaytan??


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