Mian Kampf

As we know the racist state of ‘Bangladesh’ under the Awami League continues to resemble Nazi Germany . This is no surprise as the founder of ‘Bangladesh’ Mujibur Rahman was the new Hitler and the following book is a best seller in his Reich:

The AwamNazi League blueprint for Government!

The AwamNazi League blueprint for Government!

In fact, no two figures in World History resemble each other more than Adolf Hitler and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Here are just some of the few similarities:

The only and most important difference is that today Hitler is considered an
anathema and no one publically praises him. Yet political correctness and the ‘racism of low expectations‘ means the brown Hitler, Mujibur Rahman is still exalted (can you imagine an airport in Germany called Adolf Hitler airport??) or Nazi’s being allowed to operate openly  in the West? …..and few dare speak out!

Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!


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2 Responses to Mian Kampf

  1. Tabassum Mostafa says:

    Wow how wrong I have been!!! I have been brainwashed into believing bongobondhu was the greatest man ever when in fact he was the modern Hitler! Tomake onek onek onek dhonnobad for posting this- if only other Bengali nationalists like Faisal Gazi would wake up!!


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