The Trials of Faisal Gazi

Awami League Justice!

Awami League Justice

As we know the basket case that is Bangladesh suffers from extreme poverty and environmental catastrophe.

Yet despite this the AwamNazi League regime is wasting the country’s meagre resources launching a war crimes vendetta against anti-Nazi forces who in 1971 fought for a multi-ethnic Pakistan against a racist, supremacist, hell on earth state that Bangladesh has become.

Who are some of the people behind this? Have a guess….

He has spoken at various forums, from neoconservative to ‘transnational radical’ to press his case. Our intrepid campaigner seems to be plugged into the right international ‘secular’ networks as well. Ziauddin shares an email trail with Justice Nasim which discusses the criticisms levelled at the tribunal. The chain includes such luminaries as Faisal Gazi who runs the ‘Spittoon’ blog and contributes to Harry’s Place blog – both open supporters of the ruling Bangladeshi government and the prosecution of people they describe as ‘Islamists’. It also includes Naeem Moheiman, a vocal supporter and defender of the Tribunal process, as well as Ansar Ullah, the UK representative for the aforementioned ‘Nirmul (or annihilation) Committee

Amongst the perpetrators of this tribunal are Rayhan Rashid, like Faisal Gazi a ‘liberal’ who supports the death penalty (when it comes to religious Muslims):

Rayhan Rashid is an activist who runs the “International Crimes Strategy Forum” (ICSF) blog and website. He is working for a PhD but spends an inordinate amount of time promoting those he accuses of war crimes, and interfering with the judicial process to ensure convictions.

He flocks with the liberally-minded, but is mealy mouthed about the death penalty, which the people he pursues will receive if ‘found’ guilty.
He is part of the email chain with other ‘secularists’, wondering what to do with those who challenge their narrative. And here he is as a signatory to a letter to the Guardian, complaining against ‘Islamism’ within Bangladeshi communities in Tower Hamlets.

Here is Mr Rashid being interviewed… by Mrs Guess Who?

Truly a family affair !

Ikram Sehgal brilliantly sums up the nature of the Awami Reich:

Despite multiple crises compounded by rampant corruption and a terror-driven law-and-order situation, Pakistan’s economy is far more resilient and multifaceted, notwithstanding the fact that the Bangladeshi taka is performing better than the Pakistani rupee. The pervasive mass poverty in Bangladesh far outstrips the comparable percentage of poverty in Pakistan. The focus of Bangladesh’s economy seems to be the city of Dhaka, with high-rise buildings mushrooming on scarce land with greater value than almost any other capital city in the world. Traffic jams are endemic. There is one thing in common to the two democracies – rampant nepotism and corruption – and these put them increasingly under threat, which is force-multiplied by the widening rich-poor gap and inflation triggering a mass upsurge.

To quote Khadimal Hasan in New Age: “Promises made by the Awami League during the 2008 general elections remain unfulfilled, good governance has remained elusive, the rule of law is yet to be established and human rights violation continues to be rampant.” Despite the Awami League government’s many failings, the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) could not play any significant role inside and outside parliament in projecting people’s concerns. The BNP has concentrated its anger on partisan issues, such as the “eviction of party chairperson Khaleda Zia from her Dhaka Cantonment House and the cases filed against her and her two sons for corruption taking precedence over pressing public concerns.”

And of course the show trials in Dhaka will not address the REAL genocide of 1971 by BengalNazi nationalists against non-Bengalis:

In her book Dead Reckoning, Sarmila Bose, granddaughter of Indian revolutionary Subhas Chandra Bose, dismissed the allegations of ethnic-cleansing, rape and killings against the Pakistani army as highly exaggerated. Commensurate atrocities carried out against the non-Bengali population, especially the Biharis, were never documented.

Eliot Wilson brilliantly sums up this modern day witchhunt:

This tribunal, which veers between medieval show trial and outright witch-hunt – and includes inventing witness statements, coaching witnesses, and interfering with judicial appointments – has been denounced by everyone from the United Nations to the United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues Stephen J. Rapp.

Hasina’s men love the tribunal, which aims to bring to trial anyone involved in the ghastly events surrounding the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, where it is alleged that three million people were killed, and up to 400,000 women were raped. The cause is worthy but, say critics, its underlying motives are purely political. All those so far arrested are opponents of Hasina, many from Jamaat-e-Islami. Happily for Bangladesh’s premier, none of those on (show-) trial are from her side of the political fence.

Ali’s arrest is merely the latest of a string of concerted attacks on Hasina’s opponents, including the intimidation of journalists and a sustained and unpalatable assault on Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, in an attempt to undermine and nationalise his trailblazing microfinance lender Grameen Bank.

It’s strangely sad that this medieval madness is taking place just 5,000 miles away from an Olympic village whose athletes and overseers trumpet the causes of freedom, inclusivity and progress. And its ironic in the extreme that Britain’s political leaders should be condoning and even championing a woman bent on denying those very human rights to her people.

Indeed the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!

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