‘Bangladesh’ should apologise to Pakistan



An excellent article on the need for the government and people of ‘Bangladesh’ to apologise to Pakistan, the victim of it’s 1971 terrorist rebellion:

They want us to apologize for 1971, us? What do they think of them selves? They may perhaps be the ones to cook up schemes to divide the biggest Muslim country of the world. Since 1947 we never ever had any issue with them, until this God forsaken leader of theirs Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman came out of no where and shook hands with the Indians and made us leave their piece of land; I mean our piece of land.

Their current leader refused to visit us because she wants us to say sorry for the atrocities committed in 1971.  And now their cricket board, who by the way has not even the least outstanding cricketers in the world has the courage to make us beg them to ‘visit’ us. We even went all the way to invite their security team and the doctor of the nation, Rehman Malik, the interior minister whose judgement about security arrangements is considered the best in the world (yes..he shuts down  the cellular services)  gave them a personal briefing.

Rehman Malik even assured them that the top level presidential level security to the their players. I am also sure he must have told them that as long as their team is in Pakistan, cell phone coverage for that particular city will be switched off (yeah cause that’s the best and perhaps the only way we arrange security, apart from pillion riding ban of course).

Can you even believe it that they had the decency to actually say that they have security concerns for our country? I mean lets have a close look at every major city of our country. Karachi, the metropolitan city has been so peaceful all year long that our politicians are beginning to think that why do we even need the police here. I agree that some foreign newspapers and foreign paid (read RAW) have said that this city has turned into the hub of target killing and extortion but I really don’t trust them. Next option, Lahore with its ‘zinda-dilan-e-Lahore’. This city has so beautifully been upgraded by the Chief Minister Punjab that if someone points a finger at its security has surely got to be without brains. I know its a fact that merely 5 kms from the Qaddafi Stadium the terrorists were able to blow up the Special Investigation Unit’s building but then for God’s sake it was 5 kms away, yes 5 kms away.

Then comes Faisalabad, yeah no security problems here either. I agree some terrorists have been arrested from this city and due to the gas shortages the power looms workers almost paralyze the city every other day but don’t worry a few tear-gas canisters here and there and we will be able to reign them in.

Anyone who thinks that Islamabad, our capital has some security threats should be flogged publicly (Yeah I know its a little bit out there but I am assuring you this has never ever happened in Pakistan). Recently, a very very famous politician, I mean a Maulana.. no wait he doesn’t like people calling him that- a ‘cleric’ instead,  staged a sit-in protest in the city with 50 thousand (or was it millions with a capital ‘S’) or so followers and not a single flower pot was broken.

I know he almost paralyzed the city and the schools and colleges were closed for a few days but then again we were able to get rid of him with a cosmetic agreement and this time without the famous, Rehman Malik. I didn’t want to go towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province because it has almost barred American nationals from entering the provincial capital so I just thought may be you guys would also have an issue but just for the info its totally too, specially since one of the top ANP leader, Bashir Balour was assassinated and the attack on the airport things are to ally safe there. So please stop making a fool out of us with this security issue shots and lets be factual.

You know what, I have had enough of you Bangladeshis. Giving you security details and all that. I think I will now make a plan to make you come here. First thing I am going to do is not to send our cricketers to play your Bangladesh Premier League, yeah I learnt this formula from the economists of our country that if a country isn’t investing in your country then cut ties with that country and stop investing/trading with that country. Stop selling your products there, stop holding exhibitions there. This way I know my cricketers will suffer as they won’t be able to make any money but then we can always beg the BCCI to make our cricketers play the IPL.

Second thing I am going to do is not invite your cricketers to play in our very own Pakistan Premier League. No wait, I didn’t say that cause I already have some limited options on inviting foreign players for that but just keep that threat in your mind. Then comes the final and last threat, the ICC. I will push for each and every vote and bill to go against you even if you try to jump in the strong Indian camp, which already has some strong backing from other board members as it is the biggest cricket economy of the world.

So you better get your act straight and visit us and play us cause we are the hosts and we decide when and who visits us in our country and plays us, you Bangaldeshis !!


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4 Responses to ‘Bangladesh’ should apologise to Pakistan

  1. Sam Song says:

    As a Bengali Muslim I am truly ashamed at our treachery against fellow Muslims in Pakistan and joining with Hindu Muslim haters India to divide East from West Pakistan.


  2. Bengali Chicks Luv Paki Dicks says:

    Well said Sam!

    As a Bengali Muslim woman I too feel ashamed at the treachery of my people.

    So me and many Bangalee sisters here in the UK are paying reparations by letting those big Pakistani guys have their way with us, just like their Dad’s did with our Mums in 1971 😉

    Our leader is Mrs Gazi; she’s amazing- she’s been entered by the Pak Army more times than Azad Kashmir.


  3. Sam Song says:

    Thank you for posting the link to this article.

    ‘Bangladesh’ is the new Nazi Germany. We can see this in the genocide it committed against non-Bengalis and the way it persecutes the Jamaati heroes of 1971 (the ONLY democratic party in the country, which opposed the creation of a racist state and fought bravely for a diverse multi-ethnic Pakistan)


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