The Madness of Crowds

Anyone who thought the days of huge fascist rallies baying for the death of their enemies were over with end of Nazism clearly hasn’t been paying attention to events in Dhaka, India:

Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer

Captions please

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8 Responses to The Madness of Crowds

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Another succesful meeting of the annual Ive shagged Leesa Gazi society


  2. Bigland Boy says:

    ”Keep Bangladesh to ANY Islam in our country….but please please please we beg you get us a job in the Islamic Gulf states as cleaners or servants so we can feed our families!!!


  3. Sam Song says:

    A truly historic day-The first time electricity has ever been seen in Bangladesh


  4. Sam Song says:

    ”Rumour gets around to the starving Hinduised peasants that some food has been found in Dhaka”


  5. Bigland Boy says:

    Hey what are all these millions of people doing here?
    A rich Arab tourist dropped a 1 Riyal note so half the population of Beggardesh have descended on the square to take it!


  6. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    ”We demand the Rajakers be well hung…just like those big Punjabi Pakistani studs who shagged our mothers senseless in 1971”


  7. Beggar Deshi says:

    As you can see our family is quite big now so can you please move us to a bigger Tower Hamlets council house sir?


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