Awami Rage Boy

As the Nazi rally continues in Dhaka, East Pakistan the Awami Rage Boy Meme seems destined to become the latest Internet sensation.

Captions please. Tell us what you think is written on their chests.

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8 Responses to Awami Rage Boy

  1. Sam Song says:

    Hey what happened to the Meme competition results? I want to know if my entry got in.


  2. Sam we received such a huge amount of responses that we’ve had to employ extra staff to go through them all. Because of that we’ve had to put back publishing the results by a few months.Apologies to all for that.


  3. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    ”The Proclaimers comeback tour in Bangladesh is a dismal failure”


  4. Faisal's deleted daughter pic says:

    We spend all day in the factory making shirts
    Now we demand we be given our own to wear!!


  5. Tabassum Mostafa says:

    It’s from the Bangali Language Protest of 1952
    ”We cannot read Urdu
    We demand the right to be illiterate in Bengali”


  6. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    We victims of the 1971 Holocaust demand justice


  7. Ziryab says:

    ”Are you here for Shahbag?”
    ”Shahbag? We thought it was Plastic Bag! We need something to wear and sleep in you know!”


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