Muslim haters and the 1971 war?

What on earth is it that makes people who spend their time stirring up hatred of Islam and Muslims suddenly defend Muslims? The answer of course is when those Muslims are victims of other Muslims.

This allows them to effectively say ”See they even kill each other so why shouldn’t we kill them too?’’. Thus it is the welter of Islamophobes on Spittoon and elsewhere lining up to defend ‘Bangladeshis’ who rebelled against a diverse, multi ethnic Pakistan to fight for a racist nationalist state of ‘Bangladesh’.

Who are these alleged haters? Well (drum roll please) in alphabetical order:

Nick Cohen

card 035 Nick Cohen

Shittoon have published an article by Mr Cohen on Shahbag  

Mr Cohen has a long history of stirring up hatred of Muslims. As Gilad Atzom notes:

Noticeably, when writing for Jews, Cohen allows himself to employ the most racist ideas and expressions. “As long as the conspiracy theories of the counter-enlightenment come from ideologues with dark rather than white skins, nominally liberal men and women will not speak out.” Someone should remind the Observer columnist that ideologies do not have “skin” and ideologues cannot choose the colour of their skin either. Hence, to refer to ideologues with dark skin is far beyond bigotry. It is racism per se. And yet, Cohen will get away with it because he is “kosher” as he himself admits. In contemporary Britain, a Dutch right-wing racist MP is deported for making a film, yet a racist can be a prominent columnist for the &i&Observer&. This is actually a good thing. It is probably the last remnant of Britain’s legendary liberalism. In the UK, bigotry and racism are becoming a Jews-only territory. You might want to ask yourself why we stop a Dutch MP yet we let Melanie Philips and Nick Cohen celebrate their symptoms on paper. One possible answer is that we expect a Dutch Christian to be a humanist, yet we allow the racially-orientated tribal campaigner to be a racist bigot. We expect them to advocate wars, we expect them to refer to people’s skin and colour.

Tarek Fatah


Then there is the odious Tarek Fatah (The Last Slaughter

Like Faisal Gazi  a self-hating ‘Muslim’ neo-con and exactly like Mr Gazi, Mr Fatah is lauded by non-Muslim Islamophobes because he is willing to promote anti-Arab racism and supports sesssion movements in Muslim lands (while opposing the same rights for Muslims occupied by Non-Muslims in Kashmir,Palestine etc)

Phillip Hensher


The novelist Phillip Hensher published the article The war Bangladesh can never forget Like Al Spittoon he supported Tom Holland’s absurd ideas on Islam 

Gita Sahgal


Gita Sahgal vs Islamist Hecklers

Ms Sahgal (an ardent defender of Salman Rushdie) left Amnesty International after they began defending a religious Muslim, Moazzem Begg:

Gita Sahgal is a member of a nutty group called Women Against Fundamentalisms. In a 2006 radio programme she defended the view that by consulting the Muslim Council of Britain the government was encouraging fundamentalism. In the same radio programme she also accused Tariq Ramadan of being a fundamentalist. Had she actually read any of his books, Professor Ramadan politely inquired. It was quite clear that she hadn’t. In fact she was completely unfamiliar with his writings. However, she did know that he was a fundamentalist.

It appears that Sahgal has now been suspended by Amnesty. Their mistake was in ever employing a crank like that in the first place.

Of course Ms Saghal was the subject of the infamous Pickled Politics thread where Sunny Hundl pwned Faisal Gazi.

Victoria Brittain has written a brilliant response to Ms Sahgal:

None of the Muslim women I mention have ever heard of Gita Sahgal, former head of the gender department in Amnesty International, but their reality is undeniable. The Britain they live in is one of isolation and fear. Ms Sahgal’s recent disagreement with her employer, Amnesty International, and her decision to publicise her views on that in an interview with the Sunday Times, has fed into an existing virulent islamophobia. It should have remained an important internal argument inside Amnesty International. Ms Sahgal’s ill-considered words about Moazzam Begg and others at Cageprisoners have caused very serious damage to their reputation, and provoked death threats.

 And of course last and most certainly least in the mob of ‘liberals’ baying for punishment is Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi, perhaps the key Islamophobe in Britain today.


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One Response to Muslim haters and the 1971 war?

  1. Salman says:

    If more info is needed on Pakistani communist Tarek Fatah aka “T-Fat” please check out this blog that exposes him:


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