‘ere’s to you Fuzzy-Wuzzy’

Well they DO say that good news comes in pairs!

That certainly seems to be the case with our caption competition and the Jefferies clan in the Sudan. First we finally got to see the hideous ogre that is Abu Faris.

This week it’s the much talked about Faris and his mother Umm Faris who are the subject of (y)our scorn (usually reserved for the Prophets of God by Abu Fasiq)


Captions please.

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24 Responses to ‘ere’s to you Fuzzy-Wuzzy’

  1. Laura ..... says:

    Are you sure its fair to put his wife and kid pic up?


  2. Laura Stuart says:

    Whilst there is no doubt that abu Faris is a total W*anker not to mention a piss head and his wife’s judgement and good taste can definitely be called into question, I really cannot support putting their photos up for public ridicule. This child is beautiful Mash’Allah and completely blameless for the fact that his father is a Tw*t. Autism or any disability of a child must be heart breaking for any parent to endure, this is the test Allah s.w.t. in His wisdom has bestowed upon them. This child is already promised Jannah because of his disability, we however are not and I advise the owners of this website to consider that fact carefully and take this picture down bearing in mind we will be held to account for all of our deeds.


  3. Allah bless you sister Laura you are truly a person with a heart of gold. However it is important to realise that we are not dealing with moral, ethic or relgious people here. Faisal Gazi , Abu Faris and the rest of the Spittoon shower have NO morals or ethics. They find it perfectly acceptable to insult Muslims family members. Abu Faris supports insulting the Prophets of God Jesus and Muhammed (peace be upon them both) and has indeed done so himself.

    We at SW thought long and hard before publishing this photo but felt it was the right thing to do given Faisal Gazi proclaims loudly and publically that ‘All May Speak their Minds” and ”Free Speech will Dominate”

    When Sheryl Jones published a slanderous book against the Prophet (pbuh) wife Aisha ‘Jewel of Medina’ Spittoon supported her:

    “In the last third of the book in, Malik delves into the restrictions of free speech in the post-Rushdie world. As Hanif Qureishi puts it, “Nobody would have the balls today to write The Satanic Verses, let alone publish it. Writing now is timid because writers are terrified”. He is probably right when you consider the Muhammad cartoons scandal and Random House’s decision to retract the publication of Sherry Jones’ novel The Jewel of Medina, based on a message thread on an online discussion forum.

    You seem to be saying that it’s OK to insult Muslims (including Prophet of God’s) family members but not the Munafiqeen who run Al Spittoon!! Abu Faris himself lists his religion as ‘Militant Agnosticism” on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/abufaris.cairo/info so one wonders why as a Muslim woman Umm Faris is still married to the Ugly Kafir.


    • Laura ..... says:

      David Toube shared Rami Zaarur’s photo.Sunday”�����” ������ ������ 1Share2 people like this.James Conohan Would it be racist to make a grace jones joke? Sunday at 12:09Adrian Morgan Probably…Sunday at 12:13Abu Faris phwooooooor!Sunday at 13:31 � 1Judy Keiner How very nice that the moral stature of Lapid and Bennett is so beautifully demonstrated by standing them alongside someone who is where she is without lying and conning the population.Sunday at 13:47 � 1Abu Faris Wonderful comment, Judy KeinerSunday at 13:48 � 1Apparently Abu Faris is into miscegenation in a big way. I hope his wife doesn’t mind him letching after other women!


  4. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Laura whatever suffering Umm Faris may receive from this caption competition she has already suffer far far worse in her life: Bear in mind that she has had to have sex with the Elephant Man (and Im talking bout his face not another part of his anatomy) Abu Faris Ben Jefferies!!!


  5. Bigland Boy says:

    ”This child is beautiful Mash’Allah and completely blameless for the fact that his father is a Tw*t.”

    At least Abu Faris knows for sure his kid is his.
    That’s more than Faisal Gazi can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Laura ..... says:

      Saar Grin shared a link.20 hours agoDrinking problems:solved Abu FarisEgypt’s Islamist rulers get tough on alcoholwww.guardian.co.ukDrinkers say rises in taxes on beer and wine suggest hardliners are gaining more power in Mohamed Morsi’s governmentLike � ShareAbu Faris likes this.Abu Faris AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh!20 hours ago � LikeAbu Faris The cans he is holding are cans of Egyptian Stella… and his name, if I recall aright is Mikael Boulos. He runs the off license just as you enter Dokkhi.20 hours ago � LikeJohn Myhill Well, Egyptians wanted democracy…19 hours ago � LikeAbu Faris And?19 hours ago � LikeAbu Faris They did not get it.19 hours ago � Like


  6. qidniz says:

    ”Mummy I feel sick… make it stop!!!”
    ”Faris it’s for your own good. Keep looking at your father and smiling. Its the only way we’ll get our British passports”’


    • Laura Stuart says:

      Apart from Abu Faris having Faisal Gazi on his friend’s list he also has David Toube, widely thought to be the Islamophobic “Lucy Lips” poster on Harrys Place. Here is a very cute post about passover where Abu Faris shares the good news that his sister is also like himself a piss head who likes to play a bit of “they don’t like it up ’em” with a garden fork at xmas! What a family!!!!

      David Toube commented on a Link.
      22 hours ago
      My family seder traditions include many of the above.

      However, the one unique to our family is when we open the door for Elijah, and then I push my sister out and shut the door behind her.

      We’ve been doing this since she was about 5. We’re now in our 40s.
      10 unusual Passover traditions
      All year round, differences between Jews creates endless trouble. But on Passover we somehow come to the……
      Like · · Follow post

      5 people like this.
      Abu Faris We used to do this a lot to my sister at Christmas. Mostly because she was utterly shit-faced, lary and threatening another family member with a garden fork, mind.
      21 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
      Avril Mailer Every year the younger 2 brothers chorus during the ma nishtana: On all other nights N (eldest brother) eats leaning, so tonight he should eat sitting up straight.
      21 hours ago via mobile · Like
      Abu Faris 40s!!! As I live and breathe, this year I will be 50.
      21 hours ago via mobile · Like
      Write a comment…


    • Laura ..... says:

      Whilst trawling for bottom feeders on Abu Faris friends list, I found this friend of a friend. This “nut job” used to dream about killing Jews but despite that he is welcomed in Israel as the photo testifies. Here is what I wrote about Hafeez last year.



  7. Laura Stuart says:

    It appears that Abu Faris has been alerted to the fact that some of his facebook photos have been shown on this blog, as they have now disappeared. I had a trawl through his friends list (whilst holding my nose) it was like wading through an open sewer. Hasan Afzal of “British Muslims for Israel” and “Stand for Peace” has disappeared since yesterday but Spittoon Watch will be pleased to know that in addition to being an enthusiastic supporter of Jewish state (despite it’s ethnic cleansing and apartheid policies) that Afzal is a keen promoter of free speech. Here he is in Trafalgar Square http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sZuz2yf24EU – Afzal says clearly he wants to be offended and yet he is a hypocrite who spends most of his time preventing Muslims from speaking as a read of his website Stand for Peace will testify. Here is a link to an article I have written about Afzal http://www.deliberation.info/hasan-afzal-islamophobic-muslim/ there are many more such articles about him on deLiberation. Afzal is presently studying at a London Uni, I think LSE. All Afzal’s twitter posts have mysteriously disappeared too. I feel Afzal and his “free speech crusade” would be a natural to feature on Spittoon Watch


  8. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    ” Umm Faris don’t you read Al Shitoon? Don’t you know Hijab is bad for your health?”

    Umm Faris: ” Yaan’ee you think I care about my health? If I did I wouldnt have married that ugly kaafir Ben Jefferies just to get a British passport and my family wouldnt have cut off my c*nt when I was born”


  9. Abu watch your language


  10. Bigland Boy says:

    LOL Abu you can see why they make a perfect couple: Umm ‘FGM’ Faris has had her c*nt cut off while Abu Faris is a total c*nt!!!!!


  11. Here’s Abu Faris insulting the Prophet (sallallahu alayi wasalaam)



    and Jesus (alayhis salaam)

    and screeching Long Live the IDF

    But you’re right ..we shouldnt insult his family members 😉


  12. Anal Haqq says:

    May Allah reward you for exposing that munafiq Faisal Gazi. Ameen!!


  13. Anal Haqq says:

    note to Faisal Gazi: since you makin such good use of western technology and services and dat, which are based on Arabic numerals- maybe you should go and get some therapy. Obviously bein a muslim hasn’t done much for your personality. Poor fellah. Don’t worry, you can get help.


  14. Anal Haqq says:

    lol. I must admit that he is a munafiq (someone pretending to be a Muslim to hurt the religion or Muslims). haha.


  15. Alexa says:

    A beautiful woman and a beautiful child. I envy his happiness. That’s because I am an unattractive feminist with a shrivelled, infertile womb.


  16. Voice of Reason says:

    Ben Jefferies is an exceptionally rude and self-righteous man. However, I think it totally inappropriate to republish the photos of his wife and child and hold them up to ridicule. Surely you stick to the issues and win the argument through debate and thought. I hope the poster will reconsider this action and remove this photo. Do the decent thing and we will think better of you for it! (at least I will)


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