Hugo Shit !

Spittoon has published  an article by Hugo Schmidt on the EDL : 

Fascism without Racism 

Mr Schmidt is quite the regular on Spittoon having written articles on the following topics:

On the Geneology of Fascism

Two rights don’t make a right

Profile: Øyvind Strømmen –

Allies Not Enemies

And featured in another: Hugo Schmidt pwns Germaine Greer

What is it about Herr Schmidt that has made Al Spittoon so horny?


Well a close look at his views on Islam reveals all:

US policy is ‘anti-Islam’? I wish

this being a link to an article from the Henry Jackson Society.

Guess who works there?

Mr Schmidt also has this article attacking the glorious Arab Spring:

Who does he quote in said article:

In general, the end of ‘stability’ in this part of the world is to be welcomed. The writer Mark Steyn often paraphrases Ronald Reagan: “‘Stability’ is Arabic for ‘The mess they’re in'”. The stability of the Middle East is the stability of tyrants of various stripes. There has been a longstanding neoconservative statement of the obvious, that this status quo is neither moral nor durable. But what will follow it?

This being the same Mark Steyn who has called for a genocide of European Muslims.

It seems like Faisal Gazi, Mr Schmidt has a veritable Anders Behring Breivik like propensity to quote from and be quoted by, extreme Muslim haters:

Steyn on truth, Wilders, Muslims, and the inimitable dhimmi Jacqui Smith: “From Islamabad to Bradford: Degrees of accommodation,” by Mark Steyn in National Review, February 21 (thanks to Hugo Schmidt):


The Dobbs segment to which this story refers is above (thanks to Hugo Schmidt). It is a bit careless — the Islamic organization in question is the “Organization of the Islamic Conference,” not the “Organization of Islamic Countries” — but the information about the imminent threat to free speech is generally accurate.

run by Robert Spencer. Who of course Al Spittoon have no links to. At all.

Just in case you think Mr Schmidt is opposed to Robert Spencer style extremism and has merely  been quoted by someone he disapproves of:

‘’Few have written about Islam as well as Robert Spencer, yet at least one of his books—The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades—shares a series with a creationist tract’’.

Here he is on Facebook sharing his love of Islam:

Hugo Schmidt And remember guys, it’s only those nasty nasty white male xenophobes who have a problem with Islam…

Okay, lets cut the crap. Is there anyone in the world who is dumb enough to think that antisemitism is only a problem for the Jews?

Here  he is quoting yet another extremist:

Hugo Schmidt Damon, no, no it isn’t. You could stand on Andrew Bostom’s _Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism_ and paint the ceiling.

Mr Bostom of course is yet another notorious Islamophobe,  with some interesting friends:

On the Gisèle Littman was hardly some randomly invited speaker. She is on the editorial board of the Journal for the Study of Antisemitism (along with the likes of Daniel Pipes, Andrew Bostom – and Philip Spencer, for that matter).

Ms Litmman being Baet Yoer of  the notorious Eurabia thesis, the modern day Protocols- much beloved of Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi.

But wait…maybe Herr Schmidt disapproves of Baet Yor’s batshit writings? Er no…

Here again, Bat Ye’ors groundbreaking research is invaluable. As she explains in her book “Eurabia”, after the 1973 oil shock, the EEC, the European Economic Council i.e. the predecessor countries of the EU, got together and made a deal with the Arab countries.

Israel /Palestine

He also has a highly balanced approach to the I/P conflict:

Hugo Schmidt Brian: Piss off. You and the whole damn UN too. Your kind don’t whine when the Jews persecuted throughout the world, you don’t complain at the relentless attacks on Israeli civilians, you don’t have a word to say about the Palestinians shot dead by Jordan or Egypt (way more than the Israelis kill, btw, and not in self-defense as Israel does), you don’t say a word about the Sudan, Rwanda, the Congo, East Timor – but you’ll bitch about Israel.

Piss. off.

This involves denial of voting rights to Muslims and supporting apartheid:

Very encouraging news. West of the river Jordan, there is a prominent Jewish majority in Israel throughout.

And let me again repeat like a mantra, what I have stated on these pages before.

Do not accede to arguments that you need to offer muslims voting rights. Do not accept that not giving citizenship to Arabs would lead to an apartheid situation. That in order to avoid a second class society, you need a two state (‘final’) solution.

On the contrary, it is perfectly OK for a modern, progressive state not to award its minorities voting rights.

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore and Luxembourg have a quarter to over 40% of their population as non-voting non-citizens. Yet these are indeed fine countries where anyone would love to live in.

So no two state (i.e. ‘final’) solution for Israel please.

Citizenship cannot be awarded to people who have a culture that defies freedom. Keep Israel a Jewish state.

And a position so Far Right that he denies that the Occupied Territories are such:

You are absolutely right. These are not occupied territories, neither are they ‘disputed’ territories.

Importantly, Res 242 affirmed Israel’s right to retain some of the territories. The resolution sprecifically made clear that subject to negotiations, Israel may withdraw from some of the territories, but by no means from all. Since such negotiations never were concluded the resolution is anyhow not applicable.

Furthermore, the Oslo accords have not been consummated by the Arabs. Therefore, they as well are not by any means binding upon Israel.

What persists in this respect is the historic rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

In modern time, the correct legal framework is the international recognition that was bestowed by the international community on the Mandate in Palestine, which covers the entire landmass of present day Israel and what is called Jordan.

However he thinks Apartheid Israel is way too soft on the Arabs:

Shapiro lives in the safety of US, and lectures other people to sacrifice their captive soldier son. Since 1948, Israel has swapped soldiers for thousands of Arabs after all it campaigns. Still, it always remained victorious. I agree that Israel is too soft on the Arabs, There are many things Israel could and should do to get tougher on its neighbors. Retaliate, evict Arab squatters, take control of Gaza, apply capital punishment etc. Abandoning its soldiers should not be one of the options. Mr. Shapiro. Stop sermonizing and go serve in the Israeli army.

Not surprising keeping up with Spittoon view of the IP conflict.

Thanks for the MEMRIes

Mr Schmidt also defends Spittoon favourite MEMRI

Hugo Schmidt Lucette, cute. But unfortunately for you, you might like read that article. Each one of the attacks made against MEMRI comes from someone who doesn’t have a massive and stated political axe to grind. Incidentally, mistranslate the following:


Is it any wonder he is so beloved of the Arab and Muslim haters at Al Spittoon?

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