Time to put your feet up?

Who said there was no rest for the wicked?

It seems to be all over at Al Spittoon given the current state of the website:


But we at Spittoon Watch continue on! No time for us to kick back and sit back and relax. Except of course for our latest caption competition. Given the current state of play we thought this was a most appropriate image:


Captions please…

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3 Responses to Time to put your feet up?

  1. Bigland Boy says:

    The sites back up again now. Gazi must have paid for its renewal with the money me and the lads gave Lease-her for ”services rendered”. It was a lot but she earned it for the depraved kinky stuff she did- what a skank!!! My dog still hasnt recovered!!


  2. qidniz says:

    Gazi: It’s not fair! Sunny Hundal is still getting pieces published in the national press and my last piece was in the Guardian 4 YEARS AGO!!! What a failure I am and what a success he is!!!

    Oh well I’ll turn on the TV to cheer myself up

    ”Next on Sky News Sunny Hundal gives his views on Lord Ahmed’s resignation”

    Gazi: agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


  3. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Faisal: My my Leesa IS taking a long time with that big Pakistani Punjabi TV repairman. They told me explicitly to stay downstairs and not to disturb them upstairs. He said he would fix our aerial

    (sounds from upstairs, female voice): ”O God YES fuck me harder with your big Punjabi dick!!!! O God that’s SOOO GOOD!!!.. you’re so much bigger than my husband!! I can’t even feel his tiny dick!!”


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