Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day in the UK so how better to celebrate than with a caption competition featuring a prominent Al Spittoon father:

935578_474396315967226_1281302344_n (1)

Captions please.


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4 Responses to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Am amazed by this picture- never believed Faisal had an actual father!!!
    Always thought he was a total bastard!!!


  2. Bigland Boy says:

    We’ve had this girl we’re going to call her Anika
    and there was some excrement and vaginal fluid left over from the delivery.
    We’re going to call it Faisal !


  3. Babu Wanabe Bangali says:

    Mrs Gazi ‘Life is so good Ogo here in East Pakistan! We even now have colour photography thanks to our wise rulers”
    Mr Gazi” Yes dear-let’s pray that the renegade terrorist seperatist Mujib ur Rahman and the Awami League and their India masters never steal power here and ruin everything!”


  4. Ibn Pakistani Soldier says:

    Whoah is that Gazis mother on the right? whats her name ? My Dad and his platoon used to know her only as ”Bengali Cum Rag no 154′


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