Faisal Gazi: ”Pakistani Army action in East Pakistan in 1971 was right”!

An astonishing admittance by Faisal Gazi that the Pakistani army was RIGHT to take over power in East Pakistan following the 1971 elections won by the Awami League!!! And thus the election of the terrorist Nazi Awami League and it’s subsequent creation of the racist bastard state of ”Bangladesh” was wrong!!!

In it’s latest post ‘Brothers Where Art Thou?’ Spittoon has come out in support of the Egyptian military staging a coup against the democratically elected government of Mohammed Morsi. Which means of course Mr Gazi  no longer has any right to condemn the Pakistani army for staging a similar coup against the Nazi terrorist regime of  Mujib ur Rahman in 1971 in Pakistan. Even more so because unlike Morsi, Mujib was a traitor and a secessionist trying to divide the country!

A welcome admittance from Mr Gazi then that Gen Yahya Khan was right to intervene to save his nation and was right to instigate Operation Searchlight



What Bengalis have shown is what they, in their hearts, already knew: that Bengali nationalism alone is not enough for good governance and Bengali nationalists make for worthless administrators. Mujib won an election but he failed to build on the democracy that put him into power. AwamiNazi League secularism is not “representative” of the Bengali Street nor the Greater Muslim World and it certainly is not “indigenous” to it, as has become popular thinking in some sections of the Liberal Left and the neo-con Muslim hating right.


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2 Responses to Faisal Gazi: ”Pakistani Army action in East Pakistan in 1971 was right”!

  1. Bengali patriots killed Shaikh Mujib who was seen as an Indian agent and a sell out to Delhi. Bangaldeshis revolted against the Indian imposed “Rakhi Bahni” (run by a sitting Indian General) and rose against the so called “Treaty of Friendhsip” whose aim was to absorb Bengal into India. Shaikh Mujib’s body lay in the streets of days. It was Awami League of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that mortgaged the national independence and state sovereignty signing the 25 years long-term unequal treaty with India. By creating Rakkhi Bahini, Lal Bahini, Sheccha Shebok Bahini and other private Bahinis AWAMI-BKSALISTS unleashed an unbearable reign of terror killing 40000 nationalists and patriotic people with out any trial. Ishaan Tharoor in an article in Time magazine published on Nov. 20, 2009 “To outsiders, this celebration of a justice [death penalty for mutiny against Mujib) long deferred may seem a bit too rapturous. But it cuts at the heart of the political traumas that have plagued Bangladesh since its bloody independence from Pakistan in 1971. Mujib had been President of the new country for just four years before a coup hatched by disgruntled military officers, some of whom harbored Islamist or pro-Pakistani sentiments, led to his assassination and the installation of a military government.


  2. Ibn Pakistani Soldier says:

    Gazi REALLY needs to get over 1971- Just like my dad and his whole platoon got over his mum during the war!!!


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