Faisal Gazi admits: We’re illiberal!!

An astonishing but welcome confession from Mr Gazi. Al Shittoon republished the article we published on the 4th of July by James Bloodworth a day later (the 5th of July). Obviously a very special piece of writing. What does Spittoon say in introducting the article they copied from us?

Here is a catalogue of reasons why the Labour Party should cut ties with the illiberal Henry Jackson society by James Bloodworth:

The same illiberal Henry Jackson Society whose Research fellow is …Spittoon’s Houriya Ahmed!!

And the same HJS whose articles Al Spittoon has published:
Press TV is mere propaganda for Iran. It must close ‎

To use an appropriately oppurtune Tennis metaphor:

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3 Responses to Faisal Gazi admits: We’re illiberal!!

  1. Faisal Behring Breivik says:

    Gazi contradicts himself from paragraph to paragraph!!

    In the first paragraph he calls Douglas Murray a ”neo-liberal”
    Then two paragraphs later he calls Murray’s HJS ‘illiberal”!!!


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