British Babu Lambasts ”Bangladesh”

A fascinating article featuring a young radically anti-American Briton of Muslim background attacking the failed beggar state of Bangladesh

“I was born in Bangladesh and first came to the UK in 1972. My childhood was split between both countries, and after studying engineering at Leeds University in the late 1980s, I went back to Bangladesh in 1991 to see if I could use the skills I’d gained. I got a job at Unicef, gathering data for its programmes. I also tried to set up an e-commerce website for a publishing company, but became disillusioned by the business culture, which is quite risk-averse.
In 1999, I arrived back in the UK with £40. I’ve now built a successful business as a freelance IT consultant, with clients such as Visa and Penguin. I couldn’t use the skills I’ve gained in Bangladesh.


You have to wonder at the cognitive dissonace of ex pat Bangladeshi nationalists who support the existance of a racist state such as Bangladesh while choosing to live far far away from it. Many choosing to work in Islamic Gulf states. Chances are they have never lived in impoverished ”Basket case’‘ state in an occupied Hindu ruled country. Though they have grown fat on the freedoms and privileges the West offers them, they loathe the idea that those same freedoms should be enjoyed by, say, the people of East Pakistan.

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