Spittoon sources Holocaust deniers

Spittoon has an article attacking the legendary TV station Al Jazeera. (Al Jazeera – Neutral and Unbiased Coverage?).

And what is the source of this article? It’s none other than that well know neutral and unbiased paper the Gulf News from that bastion of the free press and freedom….. the United Arab Emirates!!

A paper which of course has printed articles denying the fact of the Holocaust as Roy Greenslade explains (check what he says about Gulf News credibility in the first paragraph)

I know that the Dubai-based daily Gulf News has not been regarded as one of the world’s greatest truth-telling newspapers, but a column by Mohammad Abdullah Al Mutawa in Sunday’s issue sets a new low point in myth-making.


Ironically while Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi claims to much admire legendary Muslim thinker Averroes (even writing under that name) Al Jazeera of course has a far greater claim:

In December 1999, Ibn Rushd (Averoes) Fund for Freedom of Thought in Berlin awarded the “Ibn Rushd Award” for media and journalism for the year to Al Jazeera.[132]

No doubt though the Free Speech lovers at Spittoon will claim this defence:


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