It’s a Boy!

The Royal household and people all over the world are celebrating the arrival of a son to the  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

But they aren’t the only ones. The Gazi clan has had similiar cause to rejoice.


Captions please.

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8 Responses to It’s a Boy!

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    ”Hey Faisal. Look what I just shat out!”


  2. Effendick says:

    Faisal” Leesa it’s amazing!!! We haven’t had sex in over 5 years but yet you have given birth to a baby. What a miracle!!”

    Leesa ” Yes Faisal ..what an amazing miracle..(nervous laugh) he he he”’


  3. Bigland Boy says:

    haha Effendick-Here’s my version:

    Faisal: Leesa now we have a child we’re going to need that extra room. Please ask Naeem to leave. I don’t understand why he still has to stay here. And what are those moaning noises you make whenever you visit his room?


  4. Kisass says:

    Leesa ” Faisal the birth of my..I mean our son was truly a miraculous birth’!”

    Faisal” Yes but not as miraculous as mine. I was born in Bangladesh in 1969…before Bangladesh even existed!!!”


  5. Bengali chicks 4 Paki dicks says:

    She’s produced another ugly dark Bengali baby. If only those light skinned Pathan and Punjabi hunks were still in East Pakistan to give us lovely light skinned kids 😦


  6. Faisal ibn Pakistani Soldier says:

    Hey Rishi why are you looking so upset…you kids today are such wimps…when I was your age I had to watch my mum being gangbanged by Pakistani soldiers


  7. lol says:

    Its not a boy…have you seen how Rishi looks now? It looks like they are bringing him up without a gender


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