Faisal Gazi: Defender of South Asian Muslims?

One would imagine so, with recent posts on Spittoon such as More Arab Racism against South Asians

However this post is not so much pro-South Asian as anti-Arab.

Attitude to South Asian Muslims

So what is the real attitude of this neo-defender of South Asian Muslims? Answer: Almost completely negative.

In fact he has consistently viciously smeared the South Asian Muslim nation of Pakistan, falsely accusing it of war crimes during its 1971 anti-terrorist action in the Eastern part of its country.

And there is more- here he is ‘defending’ South Asian men like the one feature in the video he posted:

South asian men are very lucky to have south asian women, given what a bunch of hounds they are.

South Asian men are a bunch of hounds? Maybe this South Asian woman would agree 😉

See No Evil

See No Evil

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One Response to Faisal Gazi: Defender of South Asian Muslims?

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Lease-hers got her eyes closed.She’s probably dreaming of when she’s going to shag Naeem


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