Houriya comes the Bride!

It’s wedding season here in the UK and one lucky lady getting hitched is Spittoon’s Houriya Ahmed.



So who is the ‘lucky’ man who will be getting to see Houriya in her birthday suit?


His name is Matt Wahnsiedler and suprise suprise he’s not a big fan of Muslims.

Here’s a letter he wrote to the Telegraph:


Sir – Turki Al Faisal, the Saudi Ambassador, claims that Saudi Arabia is not repressive (Letters, Nov 15). Does he not consider the policy of public flogging of “sexual deviants” to be even a little repressive? Or beheading as the punishment for sodomy? Or deportation for practising Christianity? Saudi Arabia is a country where women cannot even drive, let alone go out in public without a veil.
Mr Faisal also claims that Muslims “consider the killing of innocents to be a mortal sin”. This may be true. But it does not correlate with the millions of dollars that Hamas receives from Saudi sources every year. It raises the question of how nearly $500 million has found its way to al-Qa’eda from Saudi pockets, since September 11, according to a UN report. It should also remind us of the “Golden Chain”, a network of Islamic “charities” that filtered millions to al-Qa’eda from major Saudi business leaders.

Wait maybe he’s only against radical Wahabbis but here he is supporting terrorism... well the use of drones by the US army despite the numerous civilian casualties it causes, with words that the Pakistani army of 1971 would surely echo:


The alternative – needlessly taking casualties to satisfy vague considerations of justice – not only violates a state’s duty of care to its forces but violates the basic maxim that an unfair fight is preferable to a fair one. Of course combatants seek advantage over their foes. If that is immoral in the context of targeted killings, it is immoral in the context of all warfare.

What a charmer….we can see what Douglas Murray‘s bint Houriya sees in him!

Though not a fan of religious Muslims, like Faisal Gazi and Spittoon he is a fan seemingly of ex Muslims, having worked for Tory MP Rob Wilson, fan of Maryam Namazie‘s Council of ExMuslims

Still Marriage eh? Not very progressive sista Houriya…. but after all she and her hubby DO work for the illiberal Muslim hating Henry Jackson Society.

But critics of traditional values fear not! Here Houriya is showing how modern she is , giving us a flash of those lovely knees Matt will be seeing a lot of:

With token disabled guest! How progressive!

With token disabled guest! How progressive!

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4 Responses to Houriya comes the Bride!

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    If the rumours are true, Matt isn’t the first person to take Houriya up the aisle


  2. Nod Really Myname says:

    His surname’s Wahnsiedler and he’s from Manchester.
    Sounds like yet another member of the tribe.


  3. Angelina Jolly says:

    I have heard of self-hating Jews but that is taking self-hatred to a whole new level.


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