Twisted Sister?

Eid Mubarak to all!!! Eid is being celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

Also getting into the spirit is Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi smugly pictured here with his sister Anika:

562248_464921240248067_24397306_n (1)

Captions please

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7 Responses to Twisted Sister?

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    ”Anika why are you hiding your face?”
    ”Wouldnt you if you were seen in public with Faisal Gazi. Even more so if people found out you were related to the racist hypocritical cunt!!”


  2. fuckyou says:

    Surely a death threat is needed here… after all you are a sad little fucking coward hiding behind a screen in Ilford.


  3. Effendick says:

    Isn’t it funny that Gazi campaigns against the niqab and attacks it and yet here is his sister covering her face while he smiles happily


  4. Wow fuckyou =faisal gazi another criminal death threat! It’s bad enough you print genocidal death threats and incitement to religious hatred.

    If you think we at SW are in Ilford (we aren’t!) that would make us near to Spittoon HQ in Woodford wouldnt it!


  5. leave the twat’s sister out of it guys, she cant help being related to him.


  6. Alisha Iqbal says:

    Salaamualaikum Spitoon Watch,

    I’m concerned about Leesa Gazi’s latest play Birangona which will present the Bangladeshi community in a negative light (yet again!) and continues to polarise all Bangladeshis as either being pro Pakistani/ Islamist or pro Bangladeshi/ Secularist. So far I’ve heard nothing but traumatic stories about 1971 and I feel there is little, if any criticality in this play’s direction with regards to how the audience are to cope with the emotional rollercoaster ride. I feel sorry for the audience who have to sit watching Lessa ‘monkey face’ Gazi prancing around stage, reliving her own traumatic past, exorcising her inner demons or personal fantasies?? Is this really be best reflection of something called ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’ – are we suppose to be stuck in the trauma of the West Pakstani army’s actions from all those years ago? When can we move forward……

    May Allah be our guide.

    (P.S: Sorry, can’t find your email contact to email directly)


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