The Muslim Mandela

People all over the world have been in mourning following the passing of one of the world’s greatest heroes Nelson Mandela.

Mandela is revered worldwide for his opposition to racism and fight for justice.

An event largely ignored by the mainstream media was the murder by the modern day Nazi Awami League of the Muslim world’s Mandela in Bangladesh- Abdul Quader Mollah (may Allah have mercy on him) following an absurd show trial condemned by the UN and human rights organisations worldwide.

Like Mandela , Mollah fought against a racist regime in favour of a diverse multi racial nation (Pakistan).
Like Mandela, Mollah was vilified as a ‘terrorist’ by the racist regime he opposed.

However unlike Mandela the racist regime did not eventually release him but instead , like Steve Biko, martyred him.

Mollah’s moving last testament will surely be considered as one of the greatest of this, or any, generation


The great fighter for justice , lawyer Toby Cadman summed up the feelings of all civilized justice loving people

While the Islamic Circle of North America spoke for all believing Muslims

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajeeon. May Allah SWT forgive Abdul Quader Mollah and grant him the status of shaheed and the highest station in Jannah.Ameen!

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