Council of Despair

Caption Competition time. It’s Easter the time of spring and rebirths. However one person who won’t be returning is Council of ex-Muslims’ Irtaza Hussein who ‘tragically’ took his own life recently. The CEMB of course have had several of their press releases featured by the Muslims of Spittoon.



Pay your respects below


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4 Responses to Council of Despair

  1. Avicenna says:

    Philosophical question:
    “If an ex-Muslim commits suicide in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” 🙂


  2. All Humanity says:

    Fantastic news! If only all ex-Muslims would do likewise -starting with Faisal Gazi!


  3. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Gazi’s friend Marwa is an ex-Muslim yet he’s filed it under ‘anti-Muslim (!) bigotry’. So in Gazi’s world anti-Muslim bigotry means opposing him and fellow apostate/self-hating Muslims!!!


  4. Khalidoon Fiha says:

    We’ve just received this message from Irtaza:

    ”’Agghhhh it’s horrible here in Hell!!! The flames!! The AGONY!!! If only I hadn’t rejected Islam’!!!
    And the worst punishment -Ive been chained to Faisal Gazi’s dead relative from the 1971 war and the rest of the Awami League khawarij rebels…..for all eternity!!!”’


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