The Hibernating Heretic

Well after a full 6 months without a post (last post was Eid Mubarak 2013 on October 16 2013)  Al Spittoon is back with a vengeance with no less than 3 (count ’em) new posts. And as befits these equalopportunity anti-extremists” they attack a wide range of groups.

Not really! -they are of course  all anti-Muslim/Islam:

Marwa on “the racism of the white wolf who cried Islamophobia”,
No Christians, Jews or Hindus please. We’re Arab
Islamic Takeover Plot” of Birmingham Schools

So what on earth could explain Faisal Gazi’ s absence? Immigration issues? Marriage difficulties? We were as puzzled as you until we came across this scientific explanation:

Rodents are relatively small, prolific mammals whose front two top teeth continually grow. Many rodents hibernate over winter.

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