Faisal Gazi is a liberal because…

Spittoon’s boss Faisal Gazi presents himself as liberal

Faisal G. Gazi (born 14 April 1968) is an IT consultant from Woodford in North-West London who comments on Islam and secularism. He claims to hold liberal views, saying that he writes in support of ‘liberal democracy, pluralism, human rights and universal values’ and ‘against the growing culture of religious supremacism.’




Yet it is hard to think of someone who is less of a liberal. So that’s our latest caption competition. Complete this sentence:

Faisal Gazi is a liberal because…

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10 Responses to Faisal Gazi is a liberal because…

  1. qidniz says:

    Because in the words of his ex-master Sunny Hundal he is one of the ”’people who constantly smear others, have little knowledge of what is going on, spend little time trying to understand the context of what people are saying, have a specific agenda, ally themselves with authoritarians who excuse torture and black-ops, and also people who excuse state-sponsored terrorism. Does it not bother you that you guys are pretty much full-throated apologists for that? Probably not.”


  2. Babu Wanabe Bengali says:

    …. he opposes multi-racial plural states like Pakistan but supports exclusivist mono racial states like Bangladesh and Israel


  3. dawood says:

    because he quotes from The Daily Telegraph, Brussels Journal , Front Page Magazine but never from the Guardian or Independent


  4. He posts articles from Front Page magazine -whose slogan is ” Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out” and which has numerous links to Robert Spencer who Spittoon claims to have no links to whatsoever !!!


  5. Disillusioned Spittoon Insider says:

    Faisal Gazi is a liberal because he bans and censors all who disagree with him and his idols


  6. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Faisal Gazi is a liberal because he lets me and everyone else have his wife


  7. Jaipal says:

    He supports the death penalty.though only against religious Muslims


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  9. Nobody Wannabe Bengali says:

    Gazis on Facebook calling for the death penalty for Muslim terrorist under sharia !!!!


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