A woman’s work is never done…

….well not when you’re serving the entire Pakistani army.

Yes it’s Faisal Gazi’s mum taking a break from war time duties during the Sexual Liberation War of 1971.



Captions please


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8 Responses to A woman’s work is never done…

  1. Bigland Boy says:

    You CUNTS!!! Do you realise how offensive this is !
    My mum screwed FAR MORE Pakistani soldiers during the 1971 war than Gazi’s mum- why didnt you show her instead?


  2. Abu Rishi says:

    ”Quick Mrs Gazi, Sarmila Bose is coming ! Get in a position that makes it look like youve been raped so we can sell the myth of mass rape to a gullible world”


  3. Shiraz No Hair says:

    Many fathers of British Pakistanis fucked mothers of British Bangladeshis like Faisal Gazi during the war. This is a source of great unity for these people from diverse backgrounds.

    I intend to write a book on this subject using this picture on the cover.
    It’s called ‘The ties that bind’


  4. dawood says:

    Mrs Gazi: ”That Pakistani soldier who fucked me had just returned from working in Saudi so Im going to name our child Faisal after the King as a tribute!”


  5. qidniz says:

    Hey Ive been shagged senseless but at least Im still alive.
    Which is more than can be said from the Al Spittoon website !!!


  6. Lamina Sutfa says:

    When a Birangona Woman dies, her story dies with her


  7. Fukthi Bahini says:

    We Bengali men can never forgive what Pakistani troops did to our women- After they fucked them with their big cocks our wives and sisters could never feel their Bengali husbands small cocks inside them.


  8. Bengali Chicks 4 Paki dicks says:

    Lucky Bitch!!!!


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