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Kristallnacht 2014

  Unsurprisingly given the hatred that is being stirred up by the AwamNazi league in ‘Bangladesh’ and its Shahbag stormtroopers attacks on utermenschen non-Bengalis have been frequent. The Biharis ‘guilty’ of the crime of being non Bengali in a racial … Continue reading

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Kenan the Barbarian

As we know Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi has something of a hard on for popular coconut intellectual Kenan Malik Indeed one of fringe extremist Gazi’s few forays into the mainstream media was this fawning cock sucking article in praise of the … Continue reading

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No Blacks Please. We’re Bengali.

Spittoon has an article on the banning by the AwamiNazi League in ‘Bangladesh’ of the popular Muslim speaker Bilal Phillips. As as a strong believer that All Make Speak Their Minds and Secular Democracy protects Religious Freedom, Faisal Gazi is appalled … Continue reading

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It’s a tough life being Faisal Gazi. Being a munafiq who deeply hates Muslims and Islam while having to put up a front as a Muslim to cash in on the Self-hating Muslim industry is exhausting work. ‘Sid’ spills out … Continue reading

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Costa Rica?

So England are sadly now out of the World Cup  Someone protesting this, though laughing through his tears, is the Mujtahid Rashad Ali   Hey Rashad we are ALL upset at England’s loss. Here’s someone to comfort you with a … Continue reading

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‘Secular Democracy Protects Religious Freedom’

So claims this niqab wearing woman. But here’s the reality in her homeland of ‘Bangladesh’. A group of Muslim women were jailed by the AwamiNazi League. Their crime? Holding a Quranic study circle!! 24 female students sent to jail in … Continue reading

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Open Joke Competition: The Birangona

It’s the big event in Spittoonland at the moment what with Leesa ‘Monkey Face’ Gazi’s fictional play touring the country. So we’ve decided to make that our latest Open Joke competition. Send us your funniest jokes about the Birangona. Remember … Continue reading

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