”My Kingdom for a (Trojan) Horse”

From one of Faisal Gazi's favourite news sources: The Sun!

From one of Faisal Gazi’s favourite news sources: The Sun!


It’s been THE big ,  latest anti-Muslim story in the UK. Education Secretary Micheal Gove‘s investigation into a fictitious ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by ”extremists” to take over schools in Birmingham. So where has Spittoon been while all this potential anti-Muslim demonisation has been taking place.

Well ‘sadly’ they seemed to have become victim to their own type of trojan horse  so their website remains down.  That isn’t to say they have no involvement in the latest anti-Muslim scare story. Neo con Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society ,where Spittoon’s Houriya Ahmed is a research fellow, has been at the forefront of this attack. His is the chilling Nazi like comment at the beginning of this piece.



The attitude towards Muslim schools should be exceptional… if any Muslim academies are allowed to exist, they should be funded entirely privately, with no taxpayer assistance and should be subject to uniquely strict regulation and inspection. If such conditions are considered unbearable, then Muslims will have to try their luck in other countries.

Douglas Murray, Neoconservatism: Why We Need It, 2005, p.60

One of the “psychological hooks” for people who are vulnerable to radicalisation, according to the draconian Channel Programme, is a “them and us” thinking. The Trojan Hoax war waged on the Muslim community of Birmingham, which is now spreading to other parts of Britain, however, seems to reinforce a “them and us” thinking on the part of key figures within the Government and members of the media, where religious conservatism, and those that adhere to it, have been brought into the realm of extremism. Indeed, who is to refer these individuals for deradicalisation? It is no coincidence, given the opening quote of this piece, that those driving a horse and cart into Birmingham schools are of neocon background or heavily neocon-connected. A well-oiled strategy has been employed to provide a pretext to justify further draconian measures. Below is a list of the main “alleged” (Gilligan’s favourite word) ring-leaders of the anti-Islam, anti-Muslim crusade.MICHAEL GOVE See also: Birmingham Schools Investigation: Michael Gove’s Neocon Coup of the Department for Education/Ofsted The main “ring leader” in the war against the Muslim community of Birmingham.  He is a signatory to the Statement of Principles of the anti-Muslim extremist neocon think-tank, the Henry Jackson Society. Whitehall sources have accused Michael Gove of using the fabricated Trojan Hoax plot to “push an ideological anti-Islamic agenda within the Government” and that “he thinks anybody who holds conservative Muslim views is a bit of an extremist.”  He is the author of the Celsius 7/7, a book which has been described by Geoffrey Wheatcroft as a “Muslim-bashing diatribe”.  He actively politicised Ofsted. According to one report,

A source close to Mr Laws, a key ally of Mr Clegg, said: “David is absolutely furious at the blatant attempts by the Tories to politicise Ofsted. “The decision to get rid of Sally Morgan had absolutely nothing to do with her abilities, or even education policy, and everything to do with Michael Gove’s desire to get his own people on board.

In 2012, he defended his decision to spend £370,000 for the purposes of sending Bibles to schools – state schools. But this, of course, is not forcing a religion upon schools, it’s a celebration of literature! His choice is indicative of his religious bias and reinforces his neoconservative impression on Muslims. The neocon war by Ofsted is a direct result of Michael Gove’s extremist ideological war.


Here’s the completely non-sensationalist non tabloidy cover for Murray’s Spectator article:


10455587_10152160612036519_1000093056463856636_n (1)

And here is noted British Muslim historian Jahan Mahmood, victim of an anti-Muslim attack from Spittoon, putting Herr Murray to rights (21 minutes in)

So while the true progressive left has sided with the beleaguered Muslim minority the liberals at Spittoon are seemingly once again in bed with fellow neo cons!

Surprised? Don’t be -After all who can forget Faisal Gazi’s tacit promotion of the Eurabia conspiracy.

Spittoons view of Western Muslims

Spittoons view of Western Muslims


Faisal Gazi isnt the only one!

Faisal Gazi isn’t the only one!

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