”She was asking for it”

Here’s Ed Husain on the tragic terrorist murder of a Saudi student in Essex


Now from where could Ed have got the vile idea that women in hijab deserved to be attacked?

Mongol division
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Wilders is a Hero. What have muslims brought to Britain, two percent of the population and already 11 percent of the prison population. We are learning your weaknesses, you have raped our children(my cousin was among those violated ), soon any female in hijab or burka will be fair game until all of you are driven out of the West. I doubt Wilders supports that kind of action, which makes him a “moderate”.



faisal — on 30th April, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Sorry, forgot to add the Quilliam Foundation citation in my rush to make it to lunch with Ed Husain.


See also:


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2 Responses to ”She was asking for it”

  1. Gen Yahya Khan says:

    Hear Hear Ed and Faisal ! Likewise any Bengali woman walking around in East Pakistan wearing a Sari (a Hindu dress) was asking for it.


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