Kristallnacht 2014

First they came for the Biharis....

First they came for the Biharis….


Unsurprisingly given the hatred that is being stirred up by the AwamNazi league in ‘Bangladesh’ and its Shahbag stormtroopers attacks on utermenschen non-Bengalis have been frequent. The Biharis ‘guilty’ of the crime of being non Bengali in a racial supremacist state have suffered decades of persecution. The recent murder of 10 Biharis is just the latest example.

The genius that is Fug  frequent nemesis of Faisal Gazi on Pickled Politics has penned these brilliant poems as a tribute to the martyrs:

Muhajir from Muhajir

Oh you whose foremothers were moved
To hope another world was possible
Ahl al Muhajirin
From British India’s colonial frying pan
Into Bangladesh’s funeral pyre.

They say that brahmos abolished sati
Nay, we revive that practice for you
Widows of Our Muslim political past.
How dare you occupy our lebensraum.

We showed you last Shababarat
Courtesy of the finest Awami crazies.
Like we showed you in the 93,
When the BNP sold the land beneath you.

The question on our hips is,
Whether bengalie nationalism is
the stupidest
most euthanistic
ideology of all our time?

If so,
how long will its tenants
and petty landlords
live and die in its gangrenous ghetto?

The Shababarat Murders

An auspicious night
We are accustomed to mark
With superogatory prayer
And not a little graveyard care
Dhaka Ensouled, ibadat in throng.

But this year
The second year of Iblis
We burnt our dear abused
cum ‘razakars’
cum ‘stranded Pakistanis’

Like tazreen factory workers
Locked in.
Having tortured their forbearers
With envy based nationalism
In tagorean garlands.

Allahumma have mercy on their souls.
and banish the assemblage of harm.
Lest we sink into the oceans.
Make the just strong
The oppressed unified
And the able courageous.

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One Response to Kristallnacht 2014

  1. Yakoob says:

    Bangladesh is basket case full of tramps. They need to get more Muslim or else they’ll sink further into their mud hole.

    Here’s our International Campaign for a NEW BANGLADESH FLAG:


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